OMG, LOL, where’s ♥ in my bag of Scrabble tiles?

The Oxford English Dictionary has just announced the addition of several new words and phrases, as well as the update of over 40,000 definitions, in its most recent update.

In addition to such words as “Ego-surfing” (to search on the Internet for one’s own name or business), “muffin top” (and I don’t mean the upper portion of a Dunkin’ Donuts blueberry reduced fat baked treat), “Dotbomb” (an Internet company that went bankrupt, an unsuccessful dotcom), “Wags” (a reference to a sports team’s “wives and girlfriends”), “Banh mi” (a Vietnamese sandwich filled with pâté and/or grilled meat or pickled vegetables), the OED has added a series of acronyms to its holy text.

Yes, you can now go to the newest edition of the OED and look up the words OMG, LOL, FYI, along wtih TMI and BFF.  Surprisingly, the OED found evidence that some of these acronyms were used long before their application in electronic communication – LOL, for example, once stood for “little old lady” in the 1960’s.  Probably as part of that LOL from Pasadena.

Some other words that joined the OED this year? “Couch surfing” (it’s you, your remote, and 500 channels on Time Warner Cable), “La-la land” (which is what you’re probably drifting off to if you’re trying to watch 500 channels), “Wassup” (Thanks a pantload, Budweiser), and “Taquito” (one of those roller grill items you can get at your local gas station / convenience store).

But what might be the most controversial addition to the OED may be the use of its first symbol.  That’s right, ♥ is now considered a word in the OED.

No word if ♠, ♣ or ♦ will be added next year.

I guess we can blame our local state tourism board for this one.  Think about how many “I♥NY” bumper stickers and T-shirts and coffee mugs have adorned our culture for the past 30+ years.  And all the times on Facebook when someone says that they ♥ you, when all they really want to say is that they ❤ you and FB translates it to a ♥.

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been a campaign in the OED from a guitarist from Minneapolis to add to the dictionary.  Because if there was – how would you pronounce it?  Do you put the accent on the first syllable or on the third syllable?  Hee.

Besides, they can’t add to the OED until they add first!

The complete list of new additions to the OED can be found here.