No squirrels were harmed in the creation of this “Caption Time” photo

The other day, I visited a friend of mine in the Helderbergs. As I was welcomed in the house, I had to make sure to keep the house dog from ESCAPING the house. As I did so, someone else followed me inside –

A little squirrel.

After the squirrel ran around the house for a few minutes, scaring everybody not named Chuck Miller, and giving the house dog a hard time, I was able to capture the little creature by throwing my coat over it, and then gently picking up the frightened animal.

I was about to take the little guy back outside, when my friend exclaimed, “Wait a minute – I want to get a picture of this for Facebook.”  Next thing I know, I’m holding on to a little timid squirrel – while my friend is snagging a cell phone camera.

Which is the photo you see here.

Oh, and by the way, after the photo was taken, I put the squirrel back down on the ground, and it scampered away.

So have at it, people… come up with a good caption for this photograph.