Dream Window #7: The Sacred Shore

Last November, I won a Tudor-style window from an Oneonta salvage yard in an eBay auction; that picture eventually became Dream Window #5: The Thirst Quencher.

But instead of spending extra $$ in having them ship that window to me, I instead drove to Oneonta and picked the window up myself.

When I got to the Oneonta salvage yard, the employee on duty handed me the old, broken window; I already paid for the product via PayPal.  But as I was about to leave the salvage yard, I saw a beautiful 30″x33″ multi-panel window.  Oh my Lord this would make a perfect Dream Window.

“How much is this window?”

“Let me call my boss,” he said.  And as he did so, I put the first window in the back seat of my car.  When I re-entered the salvage yard office, the employee said, “I called my boss.  He said $50 and it’s yours.”

Two twenties and a ten later, this window joined the Tudor window in the back seat of my car.  Chuck is happy.

The original window in its original state. Photo by Chuck Miller.

First things first.  I wanted to make sure that all the squares and triangles measured up properly.  And it’s a good thing I double-checked.  See the green squares on the top row?  They’re half an inch slimmer than the red squares.

I brought the window over to my friend Dan’s hardware store,where he cut out fresh triangular glass fronts for each of the 19 panels.  A few days later, Dan called me.  The panes were done, I could pick up the window and the glass any time I wanted.  Chuck is happy.

So now I have the window frame… and I have the glass.  Now I need to put something IN the window.

And that’s where the thought process began.

I tried coming up with some idea, some concept that would work well.  Maybe a picture of an Albany-centric building, like the Armory or the Capitol.  Nah, not for this window.  Maybe a representation of a great childhood memory, like watching the Albany Patroons win some championships.  Nah.  Save that for another window.  Not for this one.

If I could only come up with an appropriate picture for this window… think, Chuck, think…

But nothing came.  I could tap my temple like Winnie-the-Pooh and nothing would come out.

Until the other day, when I started going over some of my pictures from my Saint John vacation.  Hey, wait a minute… this picture of the picnic bench at McLarens Beach in Saint John… with the sun in the background, rising over the waters…

Picnic table at McLarens Beach, Saint John, N.B.  Nikon D700 camera, Vivitar 19mm f/3.5 lens.  Photo by Chuck Miller.
Picnic table at McLarens Beach, Saint John, N.B. Nikon D700 camera, Vivitar 19mm f/3.5 lens. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Chuck likes this picture.

And now two things were racing through my mind.

Could I craft this into a suitable “Dream Window”?


Could I get it built in time for the “A Dream in the Dash” art show?

Ah, challenges, challenges.

Once I got home, I loaded the digital copy of the picture into my computer, and re-adjusted its size for the dimensions of the center panel, 18″x18″ in size.

I could keep the  balance of the picture centered in the frame, and possibly incorporate other shots from my winter 2012 trip to various beaches in the frame as well.

I foam-boarded the picnic bench shot.  Then, tracing the outline of the center of the glossy picture, I used a razor to cut the foam-boarded artwork into the central “stop sign” picture.  In you go. I then added pictures from last year’s trip to Saints Rest Beach in Saint John, New Brunswick – mostly shots of the water splashing against one of the shore rocks. The four upper triangular panels contained splash pictures of the rough, angry late afternoon surf.

Now for the upper portion of the photo, the six square panels.   Back in 2012, I took some pictures of a seagull as it flew over the shore.  Six seagull pictures became the six upper panel squares.

And as an added treat, I added an old metal thermometer to the window frame.  I acquired this metal thermometer in 2011, when I visited my Aunt Elaine’s antiques store in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  It’s a nice thermometer… but I don’t need it any more.  And a sticker over the original advertisement on the thermometer… a little Biblical scripture.  “If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea; even there shall thy hand lead me, and thy right hand shall hold me.”   Book of Psalms, Chapter 139, verses 9-10.  Yeah.  That phrase works.  Truly it does.  And the thermometer is thus repurposed.

Wire.  Hooks.  Up on the wall she goes.

And ladies and gentlemen, hobos and tramps, cross-eyed mosquitoes and bow-legged ants…

Here it is.  Dream Window #7: The Sacred Shore.

Dream Window 7 - The Sacred Shore

And I finished it in time, so that it – and Dream Window #6: The Beacon will both make their debuts at my art show, “A Dream in the Dash.”

Wow.  I initially had three different ideas for this window, and I eventually went with the fourth idea.  Didn’t think that would happen.

But it’s done.  And it looks pretty impressive.  A true Dream Window, for sure.