Pot pie delivery

It’s a long journey from the Maritimes to home, but I made it back to the Capital District yesterday afternoon.  It was a very productive and relaxing vacation, and I had a great time all the way up and all the way back.  I shot zillions of pictures with the Nikon Df camera, and I also took a few rolls of photos along Maine’s State Route 9 with my Kodak Medalist II.  You’ll see those Medalist pictures later.  I have to drop them off at McGreevy Pro Lab this morning.

On the way back from the Maritimes, I had a meal at a truck stop in Bangor, Maine.  The truck stop, Dysart’s, is part of a Maine-based chain of gas stations and convenience stores – sort of like Stewarts in this area.  The Bangor Dysart’s is a hyper-huge truck stop with three large dining areas, a massive convenience store, and a bunch of other additional bells and whistles.

I’ve stopped at Dysart’s several times in my journeys through Maine – but this time, I noticed that they were offering their chicken pot pie dinners – which are absolutely scrumptious – for take-out.


A 17-inch chicken pot pie.  That would make for an excellent dinner for my girlfriend Nicole and me.

I quickly asked my server about the pot pie and whether it would travel well.

“Yes sir, the pie is frozen and all you have to do is thaw it out once you get home.  Then you can cook it.”

You know what?  I gotta try this.

One purchase later, and the pot pie was riding shotgun in the Blackbird.

Of course, when I started driving Monday morning, it was a chilly 33 degrees in Maine.  By the time I reached the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border at noontime, the climate became warmer.  MUCH warmer.  72 degrees outside.

That’s not good.

Thinking quickly, I pulled over and placed the boxed-up pot pie on the front passenger side floor of the car.  I took off my jacket and draped the coat over the pot pie to keep the food as cold as possible.

Mental note.  At some point in time, I gotta purchase a travel cooler.

I arrived home at around 4:30 p.m., and immediately began preparing the pot pie for dinner for two.  Oh, and did I happen to mention that a frozen pot pie from Dysart’s takes almost two hours to cook?   I could have let the pie thaw out, which would have reduced the cooking time to less than an hour.  But you know what?  I went through all that trouble to get the pie to the Capital District in a frozen state… let’s get it cooked.

And let me tell you – that pot pie was absolutely delicious.  Besides, how cool is it to have your food delivered all the way from Maine?  Sort of like those people who get their steaks delivered all the way from Omaha, methinks…  Heck, maybe I could have carted a couple of lobsters and a two-liter bottle of Moxie as an additional treat.

A 17-inch pot pie is a large meal for two, so there were leftovers for both of us.  We put the remnants of the pot pie – including the awesome buttery flaky crust – into some storage containers for later dining.

This is good.

But I’ll tell you this.  I would have gone back to Dysart’s if we ever wanted to get a second serving.

That pot pie was just THAT GOOD.