Don’t lie to me again, Time Warner Cable…

A few months ago, there was a cable / internet outage in the Town and Village.  After several calls, Time Warner Cable finally explained that they were working on the outage and should have service restored momentarily.

Well, they eventually DID restore service.  My computer modem flashed its lights, and a connection to my desktop computer was re-established.

My router… that was another story.

After several different attempts to restart and reboot and reshoot the router, it would not re-establish my wi-fi network.  Now I don’t live in a big fancy house any more, I live in a cozy bachelor apartment.  However, in addition to my desktop computer, I also use a laptop computer (for working with the National Basketball League of Canada), I have a cell phone that can operate on a wi-fi network, and I watch purchased programs on my Apple TV device.  All three of those require a wi-fi network.

And the router isn’t working right now.

Another call to Time Warner Cable.

“Sir, our records show that you purchased your own router, and that it wasn’t purchased through Time Warner Cable.”

Yeah.  I know.

“Well, sir, this means you’ll have to contact your router’s manufacturer, because it’s obvious they malfunctioned.”

Yeah.  Heard that before.

A quick call to the manufacturer of my router resulted in them telling me, “Well, sir, since your router is over 120 days old, we can’t do anything.  Perhaps your internet provider sent a signal that caused a network interruption, maybe you can talk with them about re-establishing your wi-fi network.”

I love it.  Both companies are blaming the other and washing their hands of the whole affair.  When did Pontius Pilate and his twin brother start working in telecommunications?

I called Time Warner Cable back.  “What can we do about this?”

“Well, sir,” was the reply.  “Why don’t you bring your modem back to our customer service store in Colonie Center, and we can trade it in for an all-inclusive modem-router that will provide secure wi-fi to your house?”

Tell me, dear readers, are your alarm bells going off?  Are you, like me, thinking that since I’m already paying $$ to “lease” their modem (which they originally provided me for free), that they’re going to add an additional $ to my $$ so that my bill can go up from $$$$$ to $$$$$$?

“How much is this going to cost me?” I asked.

“No additional charge,” was the response, “since you already have Time Warner Cable’s turbo package for internet service.”

No additional charge.  Sure there’s no additional charge.  This is from a company that charges you more for NOT getting their digital phone service with your cable and internet service.

Nevertheless, I need that wi-fi network.

Okay, road trip to Colonie Center.

Now I should let you know that Time Warner Cable has one of those “cattle and pen” setups.  You walk in, the service rep takes your name, enters your name on a computer, makes you sit somewhere, and 5 minutes later another representative calls you over to take care of what you need.  Verizon has this as well.  It’s almost as if you have to walk through a cattle pen and get steered into one service or another.  Personally, I think it’s udderly ridiculous, and that’s no bull.

The representative took my old modem, loaded some information into her computer terminal, then handed me a larger modem / router unit.  “Here’s your password,” she said, writing down the alphanumeric coding on the back of my receipt.  “Enter this information in your mobile devices and they will be part of the network.”


Drove back home.  I plugged in the new modem / router.  Desktop tower automatically went to the new network.  Three alphanumeric passwords later, I was loading the 2014-15 NBL Canada schedule into my laptop computer, while downloading a new BBM phone patch on my BlackBerry, and watching a rerun of Downton Abbey on my Apple TV.  Yeah, Chuck knows how to multi-task.

Yeah, I’ve got the new modem / router, and everything seems to be working out as well as possible.  But I know that there’s another shoe that can drop.  And this shoe involves my next cable bill.  Because if I see an additional charge or increased rates for the use of this new modem / router setup…

Well, you know what that means.

How difficult is it these days to even understand that when a company like Time Warner Cable says they’re doing something to benefit you… you automatically look for the strings, the catches, the loopholes, the fine print, everything the comes from the lyrics of an Undisputed Truth song.

Okay, Time Warner Cable… the ball’s in your court.

Don’t make me pay for the ball AND the court, too…