The Princess Bride on the Royale with Cheese Movie Club

Chuck, how in the world have you NEVER seen The Princess Bride?  Oh my God this is the greatest fairy tale of our time and you’ve never seen it?  Inconceivable.  Inconceivable.  What in the world is wrong with you?

Hey, cut me a break.  That’s what the Royale With Cheese Movie Club is designed for – films that everybody in the world has seen – in many cases, numerous times – except, by chance or circumstance or happenstance, by me.  And with that in mind, on a rainy Saturday morning, I purchased a copy of The Princess Bride through my Apple TV, and finally caught up with the movie.

And I have to say… it was a pretty good film.  I mean, first, you had the whole love story between Princess Buttercup and the farmboy Westley, until Princess Buttercup is captured by pirates from King’s Landing and forced to sail away to the bay of Blackwater…

Meanwhile, she’s eventually rescued by the noble Jaime Lannister, one of the greatest swordsmen of our time.  Jamie, along with excellent swordsman Jon Snow and the big man-mountain Hodor, try to stop Princess Buttercup from marrying Prince Humperdinck in what could turn out to be a Red Wedding… or maybe a Red Herring…

Okay, all kidding aside… the film had lots of good humor in it, a lot of in-jokes, and I could see where this film has developed its cult following over the years.  Although I don’t think I’ve heard any references at this point in time to, “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die.”  What was it, seven or eight times he said that in the movie?   Before I saw this film, I actually thought the reference to Montoya was from the Al Pacino film Scarface.  Memo to self – Scarface needs to  be on this film list at some point in time.

And oh yeah, the casting of Andre the Giant is probably one of the five greatest appearances by professional wrestlers in a non-professional wrestler role.  And was that Billy Crystal in a cameo role as some old grizzled wizard?  Sure looked like it.

So now I can cross off The Princess Bride as part of the Royale With Cheese Movie Club schedule.  Next time?  Another film you’ve all seen and I haven’t…. yet.