If X60 = ☹ then solve for X.

It’s Thursday night and I’m nervous as hell.

Here’s what happened.

Last week, my Street Academy trivia team claimed the victory for the night in the Big Brothers Big Sisters “Big Brains Trivia” game.  Out of a possible 65 points (five ten-question rounds, including some bonus questions), we scored 60.  Spent the night brushing off my shoulders and doing the Dougie. 🙂

Now if that score holds up Thursday night against all the other trivia teams that are playing in the final “Big Brains Trivia” game at Recovery Room Guilderland, then my team will have won the overall championship and a big wad of money.  Or as I like to call the prize, “apples.”  But if any other team Thursday night scores more than 60 points, then they get the big money and I get bubkus.

And there’s no way I can improve my score.  I have to wait patiently until all the other teams play their rounds.  All I can do is keep score and hope.

So here I am at Recovery Sports Bar in Guilderland.  There are seventeen teams ready to test their might and skills.  And an eighteenth team – me – just sitting and munching on chicken wings and playing along, sort of doing the “home game” while everyone else was playing for the big bucks.

And in the first round, the questions involved shows like Orange Is The New Black, The Walking Dead and Girls – or, as I would say in my best Cliff Clavin-ese, “Three shows that I don’t watch on any regular basis.”  Yep. Chuck does not watch The Walking Dead.  Feel free to throw pitchforks and flaming torches.  🙂

After three rounds – including questions on sports, including who was the first person featured as Sports Illustrated’s Man of the Year (I knew that, it was Roger Bannister), and who was the current SI Man of the Year (I knew that too, it’s Madison Bumgarner – or, as WFLY 92.3 host Brian Cody said, “It’s not Matt Baumgartner”), I knew this would be a tough trivia game.  Really tough.

And when three rounds were complete, I did the math.  With bonus points for multiple-answer questions, one could achieve a perfect score of 35 after three rounds.  I had 60 out of 65.  In other words, if any team had less than 30 points after three rounds, they were mathematically locked out of the grand prize.

Seventeen teams played that night.  At halftime, the best score for any of those teams was …


There were two more rounds, including questions on Capital District trivia and a mixed bag of questions (including the name of Harry Potter’s owl – maybe I’d better read those Harry Potter books at some point in my lifetime) – the highest final score for the night was achieved by a team named Something New; they hit 54 total.

Which means that the $800 grand prize… becomes a few more “apples” toward my car-owning goal.  🙂

Now before I complete this blog post, I want to say something.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region does a heckuva lot in this area; they have plenty of fundraisers to help children in need get and work with mentors and support.  And there’s still time to donate to this fundraiser or for any other fundraisers they offer.

They also have some upcoming fundraisers, including a bowlathon in April; a “chef’s challenge” in July; and a “Pay Less for the Dress” prom fundraiser.

This was a fun event, I had a good time and it was well-organized.  The sponsors of the event – including Berkshire Bank and Kohl’s Department Stores – should be proud of the quality efforts put together by Big Brothers Big Sisters in organizing this event.

Now if you’ll excuse me… I have to drop off some apples.  And by “apples,” I mean car payments.  😀