Half of my photos are ready for the Spectrum 8 show…

I’m one of those people who prepare waaaaaaaaaay ahead of time for an event.  And with that in mind, I’ve been crafting my dozen artworks for my upcoming gallery show at the Spectrum 8 theater.

The show, which still doesn’t have a title as of yet, will feature signed and dated ready-to-display prints of some of my best artworks.  Many of these prints have either won awards in the past, or they’ve garnered significant love from you, my blog readers and friends – as in, “Chuck, can I buy one of those prints for myself?”

Well, now you can.

Heck, every time I visit Hobby Lobby to purchase new frames and mats, their head framer Laura always asks, “Is this for the art show?”

Well, in most cases it is.  I did frame up a few extra prints for gifts and such – one print (that isn’t featured here) is going to the AllOverAlbany.com birthday party on Wednesday as a “thank you” for all that Greg Dahlmann and Mary Darcy do with that website.

The show begins May 27th, and although there isn’t a “gala opening,” I’m sure you will find a motion picture to watch during the event.  I mean, seriously, it’s a movie theater, they’ll have something on screen.

So… any hints as to what’s going on the walls?

Okay, okay, I can at least show you one of the images… if for no other reason than to pique your interest in the show.IMG_20150324_071334

Yep, it’s The Lenten Meal, my 2013 award-winner that featured three different films – print, slide and B&W – all combined in one image of the Bob & Ron’s Fish Fry sign.  This will be one of the ten to twelve images provided for the show.

And no, it won’t be hanging on the walls with that cellophane covering… That’s just there to keep the scuffs and scratches off prior to the show.

So if you know The Lenten Meal will be part of the show, then by all means you have to come to the Spectrum and see the rest of the waycool artworks.  And maybe even purchase one or six of them off the walls.

The show – which still doesn’t have a name – will run from May 27 to July 7.  Oh man, it’s two months away and I still need to frame up another six images?  Gotta get to work… busy busy busy…

But you know what?  It’s the best kind of busy busy busy…