New York City classic commercials from the 70’s

Back in ancient times, in the days when we didn’t have 4,000 channels from Time Warner Cable, we made do with our local channels and a few extra – mostly WPIX-11 in New York City and WSBK-38 in Boston.  I want to take today’s blog post and focus on the New York City advertisements, for one simple reason.

They were on every New York City TV show.  I could be watching The Flintstones or The Honeymooners and I would see these ads every single time.  It didn’t matter if the ads were appropriate for the program or not.  The ads became iconic and mnemonic.   And even while researching this blog post, I had several memories flood back to me.  So hopefully you’ll have memories after seeing these vintage ads as well.

Apparently there was only one major hotel that New York City residents visited, and they all had a great time there in the Poconos… At beautiful Mount Airy Lodge, with its top-flight night life and heart-shaped sleeping arrangements.

Of course, if you weren’t a romantic person, there was always that other hotel complex, The Nevele…

And then, after you’ve done your vacation, you could find a great place to live, at a Brooklyn housing complex known as Starrett City.

Now imagine if you’re visiting New York City for the first time. You want to stay at Trump Tower? Pfft. I got the location for you – you have to stay at the Collingwood Hotel. No lie. I’ve stayed at the Collingwood Hotel. And back in the day, their idea of a locked door was when the adhesive caulk finally dried in the lock.

And I always wondered if visitors to the Milford Plaza received a song and dance when their luggage was checked.

And if you’re traveling on New York City subways in the 1970’s, don’t drop your candy wrappers on the subway floors. Don’t. Just sayin’ is all…

I’ve blogged about Crazy Eddie in the past, but what would a collection of local New York City advertisements be without at least one Crazy Eddie clip?

And thanks to a post yesterday by Rob Hoffman, I suddenly had an urge to get a Carvel ice cream cake – either Cookypuss or Fudgie the Whale…

Of course, if I want to order before midnight tonight, I could get my mitts on a classical music collection that would rival the great assemblages of RCA shaded dog “Living Stereo” prints. Come on, 120 classical pieces from Vista Marketing, from the greatest orchestras in Europe.

So I hope these brought back lots of memories and lots of smiles. Trust me, you don’t get classic commercials like these any more.