Don’t keep us in stitches; pull up your britches!

There’s a great fried seafood soul food eatery on Central Avenue in Albany, and when I get a chance I always swing over there to order some fried and/or steamed foods.  Yum.

Yesterday, as I walked into the restaurant – I had a craving for their fried shrimp and hush puppies – I saw a brand new sign on the door.



In this day and age – no wait, in this climate where Nor’easters arrive like birthday parties – we still have people who enter businesses with their pants on the ground?

Holy Sansabelt slacks, Batman…

And of course, I see this sign and the first thing I remember is a hilarious American Idol audition from about six years ago… you know, with the old guy who sang a self-written song for his audition…

Yeah, that…

Of course, as I’m ordering my fried shrimp and hush puppies, I talked with the woman behind the counter about the door sign.

“You really had to make that sign?”

“Yes we did.”

“There are still people who walk in with their rear ends hanging out of their jeans?”

“I know, right?  We don’t need that here.”

By the way, the fried shrimp and hush puppies were as tasty as always … but I still couldn’t get that thought out of my mind.  Not only the sign, but the Internet meme it birthed.

Yeah, maybe when we get some warmer weather, I’ll put the top down on my car (which would be very difficult, since my car is not a convertible), crank up the speakers, and jam to this hip hop classic track.

And I guess if you do feel the need to wear your pants on the ground… perhaps you should consider purchasing some of these classic 1970’s denims.

So just remember, kids… you’re going into a restaurant, not a planetarium … nobody really needs to see your full moons when you’re ordering fried foods.  ‘Kay?