Return to the Troubled Bridge Over Water

Last year, I took my Nikon Df camera through the Adirondacks and captured some great photos.  One of those photos, taken in Warrensburg along Route 9, was of a distressed wooden bridge that spanned a small stream.

Troubled Bridge Over Water. Nikon Df camera, Vivitar 19mm f/3.8 lens. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Now at the time, I thought the picture I took would be awesome for competition season.

But after looking at it with a more nuanced eye, all I could think of was … “well, it’s just good enough.”

And you know me.  “Just good enough” doesn’t cut through.

I liked the idea of the broken foot bridge, but in this instance the autumn foliage doesn’t work.  It doesn’t enhance the broken beauty of the bridge.

I need to try again.

So last Saturday, I went back to Warrensburg – and looked for that broken bridge one more time.  I took a few film cameras with me to capture the bridge, but since I didn’t finish off the rolls – there are still some shots left in the camera, and I don’t want to waste the film – I’ll save those shots for a later blog post.

I did, however, take a “test shot” of the wintry scene with my BlackBerry PRIV camera phone.  Have I mentioned how I love this BlackBerry PRIV smart phone?

By the way, it was COLD in the Adirondacks that day.  ICE FREAKIN’ COLD.

Anyways … here’s the BlackBerry PRIV test shot.

Troubled Bridge Over Water 2017BB. BlackBerry PRIV camera phone. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Okay.  That’s my control photo.

You know … if I could boost the chilly water running in the stream, I’d have a great photo right then and there … and even if the film photos don’t come out as well, this picture could still be worth entering in competition season 2017.

I gotta try something…

I loaded the snowy photo in my PhotoShop program, opened up the Google Nik software, and made some highlight adjustments…

And after a little tweak here and a little nudge there …

Look what came out.

Troubled Bridge Over Water, Winter 2017. BlackBerry PRIV camera phone with post-processing. Photo by Chuck Miller.

Okay … now if I flip the picture into a black-and-white exposure… adding a blue filter to the image…

Then I get this.

Troubled Bridge Over Water 2017 BB BW. BlackBerry camera phone, post-processed in PhotoShop. Photo by Chuck Miller.

So I have several choices.  If I need an entry for a black-and-white category, I’m set.  If I need an entry for an HDR category, I’m set.  And I still have options in case something better comes out of the film shots.

This is cool.  Well, it’s more like it’s freakin’ cold… BRRRRRR

But … once again … it’s nice to have options when they’re available.

Works for me.