A teardrop of snow ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄

It’s Monday morning, and I’m still trying to get a few extra seconds of snooze.

I roll over, grab my cell phone and eyeball my Facebook feed.  Woah.  Lots of people talking about first snowfalls in the Capital District.  A coating here, a dusting there…

I wonder if we received snow in the Town and Village.

Only one way to find out.

Look through the window blinds.

Well, it’s a small dusting, but we do have some snowfall.

Quick, Chuck, get your ass out of bed and grab your camera.  That dusting will melt the moment the sun rises over the horizon.  Here’s your chance to get some snowflake photos.

One of my goals this year is to photograph a snowflake with the use of my new super-ultra-macro Mitakon Zhongyi x4.5 lens.  The lens is extremely powerful and sensitive -a heartbeat too close or too far and I’ve picked up nasty, blurry images.  But if I hit the sweet spot just right…

I decided to aim for the snowflakes that landed on my car’s windshield.  A few clumps of snow here and there … but nothing.  I don’t know if my body hadn’t adjusted to the cold or to the morning … but I couldn’t get a decent shot to save my life.  I couldn’t see the snowflakes through the viewfinder, and trying to use Live View on my Nikon Df only showed that my hands aren’t as rock-steady as they once were.

Okay, let’s try another tactic.  Instead of shooting the snowflakes that are on the windshield … let’s climb into the car and shoot the snowflakes THROUGH the windshield.

A few tries here and there, nothing spectacular.

Then I decided to focus on a half-melted snowflake.  It was already a water droplet, but there were still some frozen twinkles inside the watery membrane.

Give it a shot, Miller.  Do this now, and your next snowflake photos will be so much better for this current endeavor.


The snow drop. Nikon Df camera, Mitakon Zhongyi x4.5 lens. Photo (c) Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

So I got this photo as a start.  And if I keep working at it .. I have a very good feeling that better snowflake and water drop photos are in my future.

Hello, new photographic endeavor.  😀