So I qualified for the Trivia Unification Tournament finals… YAY

Some background.

A few months ago, the Capital District’s bar and tavern trivia companies put together a competition which would crown an overall trivia champion.  The Trivia Unification Tournament, if you will.  Teams needed to play for at least twelve weeks in their respective locations, and the top team from each venue – as well as the 25 top teams overall – and some wild card “at large” selections – would qualify for a one-day, winner-take-all championship final on February 18.

I started a week late (dumb me), and I chose the most competitive trivia location, Rivers Casino’s Van Slyck Bar (dumber me).


I won at Rivers. And then I won again a couple weeks later at Rivers.  And I kept winning.  I held off teams like El Chupacabra and Tiny Ricks and the Cassidy Girls and Bailey’s Buddies.

Going into the final week of qualifying (tonight), I had 52 Trivia Unification Tournament points from Rivers Casino’s game.  The next-closest trivia opponent, Teachers … Kinda, had 33 points.  And the most any team can earn per week is ten unification points for a win.

Which might have explained the e-mail I received the other day.

Hello Trivia Players,

Congratulations on receiving this email. After 12 weeks of play YOUR TEAM has been declared the WINNER of your venue in the first ever
Trivia Unification Title Tournament or The TUT!

Nice Job!

I’m emailing you on behalf of, the engine that allowed us all to compete regardless of the type or style of trivia game you played.

As a VENUE WINNER and REGISTERED Team your are entitled to the following:

An Empire Brewing Company Prize
An Invitation to the TUT Championship Game on Feb 18th at Rivers Casino in Schenectady.

The Championship is the first ever of its kind. It will feature the best teams from 40 venues across the region and from 6 different trivia companies and the game itself will be a hybrid of the games that are played in these venues. You may even see your host there hosting a round. The overall CHAMPION will receive the following:

$500 in cash
The first ever Unified Belt
Empire Brewing Company VIP Party for 8 at the Brewery
and more…

It’s going to be a tremendous event and now the only question left to you is:

Will you accept the challenge?

We are holding a reserved table for you and we need to know that you are going to take it. We had almost 700 teams competing and more than 2000 players so spots are very valuable and if you don’t plan on competing we will need to give your table to another team.

All members seated at your table must be registered members of TrivTrak so please make sure they are before game time on Feb 18th. There are 8 max members per table allowed and their will be space for fans and members that don’t get a seat at the table. There will be a cash bar and food available for purchase as well as an amazing visual presentation of the game.

We hope you can make it.

Thank you and Good Luck!

The team!

Well now.

I’m in the Trivia Unification Tournament finals.

Wait a second.

It just hit me.

I’m in the damn Trivia Unification Tournament Finals!!!!

Woo hoo!

And then I realized …

Only those who had registered with the trivia companies’ online program were eligible to play in the finals.

And all tournament, I played as a single-man team.

Which means …

Unlike Trivia Bowl, where I can add whoever I want to join me in claiming the championship at Trivia Nights Live …

I’m going into this tournament by myself.  One man, against multiplayer squads.

Have I lost my damn mind?

This isn’t even Helen Reddy singing “You and Me Against the World” at this point in time…

It’s just “and me against the world.”

And unlike all the  Trivia Bowls and Summer Bowls and World Tavern Trivia Championships…

This will be my first championship attempt in which my entire team could sit on one barstool simultaneously.

Am I nervous about this?  You’re damn right I’m nervous.

I don’t know how the game will be sructured.  Will it be a Trivia Nights Live format – vintage or modern – will the questions be Memorama-based, or Catch the Mania based?  And what do I do with all these teams I’ve never heard of before, from other bars and taverns I’ve never visited?

This is big.  This is Chris Jericho going up against Kenny Omega and WrestleKingdom 12 big.

And yeah, Jericho lost that match at WrestleKingdom 12…

But it was one of the best matches of his career.

And if I can at least achieve that much…

Then I have a chance.

Come on, Chuck… you got this.

Twelve years of competitive bar trivia and now here’s your chance to shine.

And you’ve got a month to prepare.

So get ready.

Get set.

And go.