Blanket coverage … get the point?

I haven’t been sleeping well lately.  I’m suspecting it’s just the bad weather, or maybe some of the recent adjustments in my daily medications.

But I do need a good night’s sleep.

Which is why … when a charitable auction on eBay came up that touted a woolen “point blanket,” I decided to take a chance.

And last night, after it arrived and I unpacked it … I slept like a snuggled baby.


“Point Blankets” are woolen bedcovers that were used in early trade by the Hudson’s Bay Company in Canada.  They’re called “point blankets” because they contain little lines, or “points,” that allow visible confirmation of the size of a folded blanket.  For example, my point blanket has three and a half points, designating it as a twin-size blanket – just the right size for me.

And although this blanket might seem thin to the touch, it’s very thick with natural woolen insulation.

The blanket even contained a “collector’s card” as part of its packaging … a quick overview of the point blanket and its history.

For over 200 years, the Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket has been the standard of excellence for the entire world.  The Point Blanket is known world-wide for its outstanding craftsmanship, luxurious texture, superior warmth, and long-lasting beauty of its colours.

Coloured blankets were introduced in response to customer demand.  First Nations peoples, Metis, and voyageurs demanded exceptionally pure, bright colours of scarlet, green, and blue on the superb, virgin wool blanket.  Introduced nearly 200 years ago, these brilliant colours are still available today.

Dry clean only.

Yeah, that last point is extremely important.

From what I understand, point blankets are collectible in and of themselves.  Point blankets made to commemorate the coronation of Elizabeth II are highly prized, especially those in good condition.  And the four-colored horizontal stripes are as much a part of Canadian culture as maple leafs and Bachman-Turner Overdrive LP’s.

I should note that there are merchants in the United States who sell point blankets – The Hudson’s Bay Company partners with Lord and Taylor, and you can also purchase point blankets through L.L. Bean’s online catalog and from the primary U.S. distributor Woolrich.

The point blanket I acquired apparently was a “Canada 150” limited edition (lucky me), with sewn logos and a patch designating its commemoration as part of Canada’s sesquicentennial.

But the big test was last night.

I used this new point blanket as my “top” cover, turned out the lights, and went to zzz…




Wait is that my alarm?  Sure enough it is … wow, I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night for once.

So for at least one night, these festive stripes were insomnia proof.  Swank.

Oh man this feels good… a peaceful night’s sleep, nice and toasty warm …

And so I figured … hey, if they make blankets like this … I wonder if there are also sheets and pillow cases with this iconic striping and insulation?

Sure enough, The Hudson’s Bay Company manufactures sheet and pillowcase sets with the heritage striping.  And … they have twin sheet sets available, perfect for my fold-out sofa-bed.

All right, let’s warm up the credit card, place an order and …


What?  Seriously?  Nertz.  Oh wait, let’s be more geographically correct.  Merde.

So now I have to wait until the next time I go to Canada, find a Hudson’s Bay Company that has the bedsheets, purchase them directly, probably pay some sort of customs tax when I return to America …

But at least for now, I’ve got this nice warm blanket.

Let’s see if it does well against Nor’easters.

Definitely willing to find out.