Some eye bleach for the day…

There are moments in my life where I need some eye bleach.

No, I’m not planning to wash my face with Clorox.

In internet parlance, “eye bleach” is watching something cute and sweet and calming after dealing with horrible, miserable moments.  You know the ones … where you can’t stop watching MSNBC and hearing all the crazy crap going on in our government …

That kind of stuff.

So if you’re having a miserable day today … if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and crashed into the wall … here’s something to help you feel better about things.

How about we start with some kittens and puppies?

Here’s a good one … a chipmunk steals nuts from a blue jay.

Here’s a cool one … a man rescues a baby fox who got its head stuck in a can.  Watch what happens when the fox loses the can on its head.

This is heartwarming … a rescue of a dog by the railroad tracks … and the hopes of finding him a new forever home after his previous master didn’t want him back.

You know what other animals are cute?  Owls.  Don’t believe me?  Watch this clip.

And if you think owls are cute … you’ll just go gaga over cute little hamsters.

And if you think hamsters are cute … how about some baby tigers?

See … don’t you feel better now?

Who needs all the craziness in the world today when you can watch tigers in a swimming pool and owls jamming to pop music?

These are the benefits of eye bleach.  To make you feel better after seeing the worst of what our world has to offer.

Hope your day is brighter now.