If I make one more trip to the Boreas Ponds in 2018…

For the past two years, I’ve made photography excursions to the newly-available Boreas Ponds in the Adirondack Mountains.  Essentially you drive up to Essex County, you drive seven miles on an old logging road, then you hike another three hours to a spot where – as you can see in the photo above – you can see the Adirondack High Peaks in all their glory.

Of course, being in my 50’s, these hikes are taking a toll on me.  And my plan was to not do these excursions any more.  I’m done.

Then Governor Cuomo threw me a carrot.

Let me explain.

According to this news report in the Watertown Daily Times, the Boreas Ponds area will be designated as “Wilderness” – meaning no motorized vehicles will be permitted in the area.  However, there will be a buffer known as “Wild Forest” – an area where cars may drive up to,  but not reach the Ponds entirely.

This report in the Sun Community News says that although the current parking lot – 3.5 miles away from the Ponds – will be maintained for the general public, those with canoes and kayaks would be permitted to drive up to the LaBier Flow and then take their canoes and kayaks the remaining distance.  And for those with physical disabilities, a ranger would allow access to a six-car parking lot just 500 feet from the Ponds itself.

Now this is all preliminary, there’s still a hearing planned in April to hammer out the full details.

But man, if I could get access to drive all the way to LaBier Flow…

That might encourage me to take one more journey up to this Adirondack jewel.

Hell, I’ll strap a boat to the roof of my car if it would help me snag this.

Then again … maybe I’ve made enough trips to the Boreas Ponds in my lifetime.

Yeah, right.  Nothing like pushing your body to its ultimate limit.  Nothing like making a journey of self-determination and self-evaluation, and coming out with your emotions drained right down to the marrow.

Besides… you know me by now.

That photo I took last year was good enough, for sure.

But I never settle for “just good enough.”

So let’s see how things turn out, shall we?