What’s Up in the Neighborhood, December 22 2018

Hi.  Welcome to the all-new updated blogroll roundup.

There’s a whole set of new blogs and bloggers that I’ve added to my blogroll, these are writers who were previously featured every Wednesday in the All Over Albany blog recap.  But since All Over Albany is closing its portal at the end of 2018 (and I’m still pissed about that), I’ve made a decision.

Whatever blogs I didn’t feature in my Saturday blog recap “7 and 7 on Saturday” will now join my usual blog recaps and be featured on Saturdays as well.  And I’ve added links to their blogs and posts on my personal blogroll.

And since I’m not limiting the bloglist to seven here and seven there, I’m dropping the “7 and 7” designation – instead changing the blogroll to “What’s Up in the Neighborhood,” in honor of the long-running All Over Albany feature.

Now at some point I’ll have to create subcategories – Albany history, Albany food, Albany lifestyle, the Albany history of food lifestyle – as well as keep the lights on for my non-Capital District blogging friends, whose words and photos are just as fun and deserve your attention as well.

So if you’re new to this blog – welcome.  Grab a chair, have a seat, and enjoy.  The blogroll run-through occurs on Saturday mornings, and I’m glad to have your work join my other blogging friends in this recap.  Comments are always welcome.  And if you feel there’s a blog from AOA that should be part of this mix, by all means let me know.

So first off … let’s introduce you to the new kids on the blogroll.

So now that we’ve met the new kids on the block, let’s check out the rest of the blogroll and see if they’re still in sync with Saturday postings.

I haven’t forgotten my photograph buddies, they take some incredible pictures and you should go see them.  Including:

And … as always … have a great weekend, everybody!