A ten-year-old shows up Tom Brady

I’m skipping the Super Bowl this year.  There’s no reason for me to watch it.  I’m not big on the Los Angeles Rams – I thought that St. Louis got screwed out of losing their team (yeah, I know St. Louis took the Rams away from Los Angeles 30 years ago, tit for tat).  And as a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan, watching Tom Brady in another Super Bowl is akin to removing a chest tattoo with a Brillo pad.

And don’t even get me started on all the chicanery and skullduggery the Patriots have inflicted on football fans over the decades.  Spygate.  The Tuck Rule.  Convicts driving snowplows to clear paths for field goals.  Pumping AM radio signals into opposing coaches’ head sets.

Oh, and did I mention Deflategate yet?

Yep.  Deflategate, the saga where Tom Brady used under-inflated footballs, which were more aerodynamically accurate when he tossed them.  They were way underinflated, to the point where they were below NFL specs.  After about two years, and when the schedule suited his absence, Brady accepted a four-game suspension.

Now, a ten-year-old has won a state science fair with this hypothesis – “Is Tom Brady a Cheater?”

According to this story in the Washington Post, a ten-year-old kid in Kentucky submitted this as his science fair project.  He inflated various footballs to an assortment of PSI levels, then tossed them around the backyard.  And for him, the underinflated footballs reached their intended targets with more accuracy than did properly inflated footballs.

Well now.

So yeah, I have no reason to watch Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots win another Super Bowl.  You know it will happen.  I would rather eat a marathon of old HBO “Hard Knocks” broadcasts.  Or maybe if one of those gaming channels – like Twitch or something – can host an Asteroids tournament… jj

Or I can wait until some other tenth grader completes their science fair project by determining that whatever other cheating or skullduggery Brady and the Patriots inflict upon us football fans isn’t worth our time or interest.