Sara Rivest: how she handles uncouth people

I don’t know Sara Rivest – I do know her father, Michael Rivest, an expert on professional prizefighting who used to blog in the Times Union blogfarm.  Sara Rivest is a reporter with a television station in Kentucky. Here’s an example of her work as a television journalist.

She is currently a reporter for WAVE, a Louisville, Kentucky-based television station.  And last Friday, while reporting on an upcoming bourbon festival … well … this happened.

Watch the clip from beginning to end.  And you can see that Sara Rivest had to deal with some very unsavory behavior all the way around.

First, we have Rivest discussing a bourbon festival.  As she begins her report, some chud passes behind her – and then pantomimes giving Rivest a swat on her butt.  Then, after some other people walked THROUGH her broadcast shot … that same chud came up to her, while she’s live, and tries to kiss her on the cheek.  She pulls away at the last moment, saying, “That was not appropriate,” and tries to continue her broadcast.

The cherry on this sundae … came from one of the studio anchormen who, after asking Sara Rivest if she was free from the clutches of the “kissing bandit,” commented, in his best Ron Burgundy voice, “I’ll come down there and protect you.”  Ewww…

Rivest posted the video clip to her Twitter account, where it went viral.  And she later went back on the air at WAVE, and discussed why what this clown did was NOT cool under any circumstances.

You know what?  She’s right.  This is not acceptable under any circumstances.  And I’ve seen this too many times.  Some drunk-ass fool sees a camera, sees a reporter, and thinks he can do something foolish on live television and he’ll get a laugh and a high-five from his buddies.  Yeah, I know there are oafs who wait for the live feed to shout something pornographic or lewd, or who might try to get handsy with the reporter, or to make funny faces or obscene gestures within view of the camera.

People like that are like school on Sunday – no class.

And back to our buddy with the knockoff Ray-Bans who tried to plant a smooch on Sara Rivest – do you happen to know who her father is?  Her father is a respected boxing referee and journalist.  If he finds out who you are, he’ll drive down to Kentucky tomorrow and make you feel like Michael Spinks after 90 seconds with Mike Tyson.

Let the media do their job.  Don’t try to be part of the story if you’re not already part of the story.  Have some respect for yourself.