Support Rolf’s Pork Store and Primal during COVID-19

As much as I’m getting used to living like a hermit and having all my necessities delivered, I’m still working my way through the grocery shopping situation.  During this COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve had decent success in getting certain staples from the “shop on line” portals, but ordering meat has been a hit-or-miss endeavor.


Two weeks ago, my shopping list requested one pound of ground beef.  There was no ground beef in the store, so the shopper (with my blessing) swapped it for a pound of ground turkey.  The next time I wanted ground beef, the shopper told me that there were no 1-pound orders available, but there were five-pound orders if I wanted one.  I didn’t feel comfortable taking away from someone who might NEED five pounds of ground beef to feed their family, so again I went with the ground turkey.

Then I realized – before this pandemic, I used to shop at the local butcheries.  Primal in Stuyvesant Plaza, for one; and Rolf’s Pork Store in Albany for another.  And believe me, I’m a sucker for fresh-trimmed proteins, and I still wish Henry’s in Waterford didn’t move away.

So last week, I ordered Primal’s “Weekender” package – a pound of steak tips, a pound of pork chops, and two pounds of boneless chicken breast.  I also ordered a couple of other meats, and then placed my delivery order.  Primal delivered my meats the next day – and all were vacuum-sealed in their own individual packages, so I could put the meat in the freezer, thaw out what I needed, and Chuck dined on fresh meat all week.

Two days ago, I decided I wanted an additional option, so I called Rolf’s Pork Store in Albany.  Instead of going online, I spoke to a Rolf’s employee on the phone and placed my order – two pounds of boneless chicken breast, a pound of Boston butt pork, and a pound of ground beef.  I asked for the ground beef and chicken to be vacuum-sealed for future eating, and delivery to the Town and Village.  They called back when they were about to leave for my place, they called again when they arrived, and next thing I know I had fresh proteins from Rolf’s.

So here’s the deal.  In an effort to make sure that I don’t take away the last chicken breast or the last pork chop from Price Chopper while fifteen other Instacart employees are looking for it, I’ll get my meats from the local butcheries.  This way, I’m helping them out during this pandemic, and I’ll keep my Instacart shopping at the grocery stores for other staples.

We all gotta work together on this.  I don’t need everything from one location if I can ensure that other locations will provide for me.  Plus, when this war is over, I can wholeheartedly recommend both Primal and Rolf’s Pork Store for your beef, pork and chicken needs.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have plans to thaw out some of the chicken breasts and cook from the recipe of my forefathers.  It involves a little shake and a bake …