Everybody sing along! ♪ We all live in a yellow submarine … ♪

Every so often, the Beatles’ film Yellow Submarine will make an appearance in one form or another.  It’ll be on the big screen for an anniversary showing, it’ll be released on DVD or Blu-Ray for a special commemorative sale, and then it will eventually return to the Apple vault.

Yellow Submarine is a fantastic animated musical, it mixes the Beatles’ words and melodies into a surreal, cohesive story about a peaceful world (Pepperland) under attack by the Blue Meanies and the Apple Bonkers and the Flying Glove.  The artwork is incredible, the animation is innovative, and the Beatles are all part of the adventure.

Here’s something awesome.  The Beatles will actually stream their movie Yellow Submarine tomorrow at noon Eastern Time on the official Beatles YouTube channel.  Yes, the Beatles have a dedicated YouTube channel.

And in addition to the movie being screened, it will be a “singalong” version, in which the words will appear on the screen so that your whole family can sing along with the movie.  Sweet.

Here’s more information on the Beatles’ streaming video performance, from the Consequence of Sound website.

And here’s a link to the YouTube video itself, so you’ll be ready when the film appears.

And if you need ANY further encouragement to participate in this …

Here’s an endorsement from someone who’s closely involved in the project.

I’m definitely good with this.  And I hope you are as well.

By the way, I wonder if this will be the version that includes “Hey Bulldog” in the movie, or will it be the original USA 1960’s print.  Oh well … why should I worry?  This will be fun.

Definitely psyched to see this.  😀