The “Three Word Movie” Game

I had fun yesterday on Facebook with a bit of a friend-participation game.  It’s a challenge, a fun challenge at that.

Take any movie, and try to challenge people to identify it.

But you’re only allowed to use three words to describe the movie.

And, as a tougher challenge, you’re not allowed to use any of the words from the movie title.

So, for example, if you were describing a certain film, you could say, “As you wish,” and hope that people would figure out you’re talking about The Princess Bride.

Now make it tougher.  You’re not allowed to use movie quotes, either.  You might then challenge your friends with, “Buttercup is captured,” or something like that.

You could have a lot of fun with this game.  As a silent film fan, this would be challenging.  “Hanging from clock” would obviously be Safety Last, while “Tramp eats shoes” would be The Gold Rush.

Or try doing this, but limiting yourself to Three Stooges movies.  “Curly the boxer” would obviously be Punch Drunks, while “Maharajah of Vulgaria” would be Three Little Pirates.  And if you knew that “Maharajah of Vulgaria” was Three Little Pirates, you’ve watched WAAAAAY too many Stooge movies. 😀

Wanna try this with Warner Bros. cartoon shorts?  Sure.  “Elmer Viking Helmet.”  Okay, that was easy.  But how about “Cecil’s first race?”  Or, “Jazzy pork fable?”  Yes, I’ll make it easy for you, it’s What’s Opera, Doc?, Tortoise Beats Hare, and Three Little Bops.  You’re welcome. ;D

This could also be applied to Disney movies.  “Deer’s mother dies” would be easy, but try “French kittens rescued.”  Or, “Real Space Paranoids.”  Yeah, you’re running to your Disney+ subscription to figure that one out, aren’t you?

You could even limit the challenge to works by a certain director.  For example, an easy one would be “Pizza parlor destroyed,” then you could follow up with maybe “Swanson goes undercover” or “Statue survives war.”  Three of Spike Lee’s films, of course.

Another example.  Easy would be “Royale with Cheese.”  Difficult would be “Unseen diamond robbery,” or “Sharon Tate lives.”  I mean, you could even try “Girls’ bare feet,” but that would be EVERY one of Tarantino’s movies, amirite?

As I said before, you can choose different levels of difficulty.  Example.  If quotes are okay, you could say, “Trust the Force.”  Now do it without quotes.  “Han shot first.”  Okay, now do it without mentioning any character names.  Best I could do with that one is “Heroic lightsaber journey.”

As I said before, you could have a lot of fun with this.  Toss people the quote, “Oh, Mr. Greenfield!” and see who ACTUALLY knows what film that is.  Or, more likely, who actually ADMITS to knowing which film that is.

So, yeah.  A fun game to play with your friends, while we’re all cooped up and all we can do is watch movies on Netflix.  In fact, let me see what’s on tonight … oh, I could watch “Three Hanson Brothers,” or I could watch “Profane Little Leaguers,” oh wait, I haven’t seen “Santino Code Red” yet.

That’s All, Folks!