♫ ♪ Andrew Cuomo’s coming … to town. ♫ ♪

Political reporter and all-around good guy Jon Campbell posted a funny tweet yesterday. Seems that in the request by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s request to keep crowds small during this COVID-19 pandemic, including recommending that Thanksgiving dinners be limited to small gatherings of less than ten people, Campbell noted that someone had created a novelty “Cuomo in the window” cling sticker.

Yep, for only $10 a sticker, you too can own your own “Peeping Andrew” and hang him next to your Pilgrim decorations and your cornucopia. Ha. Order a dozen, give them as gifts for your friends and family. Hey, it’s better than an Elf on the Shelf.

Of course, I saw that and immediately thought … “Why hasn’t anybody given our great Governor his own personal holiday song?”

Now keep in mind that I do support Governor Cuomo, I voted for him and will continue to do so. That being said, I’m sure the man can handle a little ribbing now and again, and I say this in the hopes that I don’t get my ass pulled over by the New York State Troopers for a soon-to-be-broken tail light.

But still, I could use a little merriment right now. And if anybody could ever come up with a video and add some music and sing along to this, I think it would be fun.

So let me bring you An Andrew Cuomo Christmas Song, to be sung to the melody of “Santa Claus is Coming To Town.”

(clears throat)

Oh, you better watch out
You better not cry
We can’t be stupid
I’m telling you why
Andrew Cuomo’s coming to town

He’s making a list
Checking it late
Do you have a dozen guests
Or stop at just eight
Andrew Cuomo’s coming to town

Stay out of the gyms
Don’t take any trips
Drink bottled water
And eat Cuomo Chips
Andrew Cuomo’s coming to town…

His rules may be tough
Not easy to please
But at least never said
He could drink PCB’s
Andrew Cuomo’s coming to town…

We really like our governor
It’s what we do as well
I guess that makes New Yorkers

Yes. You better watch out
I say that it’s true
At least we have a governor
Who cares about you
Andrew Cuomo’s coming to town!!

Yeah, yeah, I know, “Weird Al” Yankovic is not losing any sleep over any parodies I write. But still …

If anybody wants to make a video or a recording of this song, by all means, send me a link, I’ll post it.

And I’m sure the Governor has at least a sense of humor.

(keeping an eye out for troopers near my car)