“Piem” – a poem in π


I wish I could challenge my brains
Going for broke, trusting
achieving erudite wordplays for Pi Day

The physical test, trying to follow step
was the lipogram for my skilled languaged blogs previously.

If anything, blogging with a framework against a strict structure can challenge everybody.

You, brother, daddy,
a basketball guard throwing up,
eventually posterized opponents

Wishing this completed blog post could guarantee me the ultimately amazing  position.

I dreamt this completing phrase to physical vision
If impossible, spatial elocution necessary, recovery doesn’t
my planning constitute the year
building my whole web blog to a…


complex, ultrasonic speech pattern demanding counting by a step
wordplay, manipulate planning
points cover a sea
by sailboat, by tug

accomplish mostly, follow your pattern
eventually, sculpting the Scrabble game with length
manuscript completed, Times Union
manuscript ready, achieved by my own
a reality to build and craft
preparing “Piem.”