A green treat.

It looks like any normal E-ZPass transponder.

But it’s green, man.

It’s a green E-ZPass transponder.

No, E-ZPass hasn’t come out with a line of transponders that match your car’s paint scheme. And no, I didn’t repaint my old E-ZPass with some leftover spray-on plastic dye.

But this little bad boy is going to save me some serious cash in the long run.

I shall explain.

When I purchased my 2017 Chevrolet Volt Premier (“Lightning’s Girl”) last month, I found that there were a lot of available perks and benefits to owning an electric hybrid vehicle. And one of them involves reduced tolling along the New York State Thruway.

Yeah. Starting today, I now get 10% off tolls on the Thruway. And I believe that also includes things like E-ZPass Plus parking areas (i.e., the New York State Fair, Albany International Airport).

This little perk is available to E-ZPass customers in New York who own a plug-in electric or a hybrid electric car. A list of New York State approved electric and hybrid vehicles that qualify for the green E-ZPass are listed here at this link.

Hey, if nothing else, I’m all about saving that $$. And a few extra coins in my pocket can be reallocated into paying off my car loan. Every penny helps.

Now comes the next question. I wonder if this transponder will also give me discounts when I travel on the Massachusetts Turnpike or on the Garden State Parkway or on the New Jersey Turnpike.

If it does … hoo boy that would be good news as well. And even if it doesn’t … I’m still getting some savings on my New York State Thruway tolls. So that’s a plus in and of itself.

Yeah, this feels good, man.