The NEBA Roast Beef – Mike’s Submarines Latch Hook Project, September 19 2022 progress

Man, I had a great couple of weeks on this.

Suffice it to say, if I had all the yarns I needed when I started this … and if I started it three months earlier, instead of doing this as a replacement for a latch hooked rug that I previously FUBAR’d … this could have been done in time for Competition Season 2022.

But as it is, I achieved a lot of success with what I had.

Both buildings on the rug – the Mike’s and the Neba’s restaurants – are complete, short of the colored piping arches. You can clearly see the words “NEBA” and “Mike’s” on the signage. Maybe you can make out “Roast Beef Sandwiches” and “Submarines,” but I won’t hold you to it if you can’t.

I mean, check out the difference between two weeks ago and now.


See that patch at the top? That’s all that’s left to complete. A few weeks and it will be done.

Then comes the next step. I have to re-paint the back with a special rubber compound to keep all the yarns from falling out. Then I need to stitch up the edges and “bind” the rug. Once that’s done … I have a fully functioning and operational latch hook rug, suitable for Competition Season or Charity Season or Walking Barefoot On It Season.

And with the exception of the colored piping arches, the rest of the squares can be completed with mostly solid colors.

Let’s keep this going.