So THAT’s what ICE sounds like in the cold.

Winter is coming like a Ned Stark meme. And I have to drive somewhere. Okay, let’s get in the Chevrolet Volt and start her up.

Now normally, when I start Lightning’s Girl, I get this weird Star Trek-y sound effect that sounds like a revved-up power source.

This time, however, as I started the car, I heard something totally unusual.

The roar of horsepower. Real horsepower.

And apparently it all has to do with ICE. Let me explain.

ICE, in Chevrolet Volt acronymity, is the “Internal Combustion Engine.” In cold temperatures, the internal combustion engine engages when you start the car, so that all the fluids and internal parts can warm up. Once the car is sufficiently heated, the ICE will go silent and the car will run on electricity.

Or something like that.

I’ll tell you this. The first time I heard that engine start up – as opposed to the electric “woosh” sound effect – it kinda freaked me out.

But once the ICE kicked in, the car still ran like it always does – smooth as satin.

I’m still learning so much from this car. Six months into owning this powerhouse, and I’m discovering new Capital District charging stations and perks like that.

Which totally works for me.

So this is good.

It’s probably the only ICE I want to deal with in this upcoming winter.