So that’s a Pyramidion Kaleidosphere. Can I use it as a camera lens?

I swear … inspiration for photographic concepts comes from the weirdest of places.

And in this case … it involved 2:00 a.m. insomnia scrolling on social media. It’s where I saw what appeared to be an advertisement for a very cool kaleidoscope.

To be more precise … it’s a Pyramidion Kaleidosphere.

This device. Gaze and be amazed.

Where’s my wallet? Shit, I want one of these gizmos and I want it YESTERDAY!!

Because I’m thinking … what if I attach that device to one of my cameras and use it to capture images? Man, every one of those shots would be ultra-incredible.

This could be lots of fun. Repeat after me. LOTS. OF. FUN.

Now I could go in a couple of directions with this. I could place the Pyramidion Kaleidosphere over a camera lens and shoot directly through to capture that beautiful light pattern – OR – I could pull back enough so that people can see the targeted object WITH the Pyramidion Kaleidosphere in frame.

Man, I love it when a plan comes together. Now all I need is to call B.A., Face and Murdock and …

Yeah. Let’s get the object first and then go from there, shall we?

This came in the mail yesterday. Take a look at this.

I think I can use this to cast “Magic Missile” in a Dungeons and Dragons game.

All right. Let’s point this thing at a light source, look inside the device, and take a picture of what’s in there.

Look Through Any Window. Google Pixel 6 Pro camera with Pyramidion Kaleidosphere. Photo (c) 2023 Chuck Miller, all rights reserved.

Wow. Seriously. Wow.

Hey, let’s see what I get if I hold this gizmo directly over the camera lens so that there’s nothing but kaleidoscope imagery here.

And I get … this.

Hey, who needs to spend $300 million for a Marvel movie about the quantum universe when you can spend $40 and shoot the movie through your camera phone and get this for a result?

Yeah, I’m seriously digging this. And if you see a bunch of photos like this in the future on this blog page …

You know I’m looking for that one image that could make the short pile for Competition Season 2023.

You know I am. 😀