Time Travel: Thursday morning, January 1, 1970

Holy crap, it worked!!

Okay, this is where things get interesting.

If you’ve come across this blog post, take a look at the timestamp.

Yep.  January 1, 1970.  One minute after midnight.  60 seconds into the new year.

Well, while I’m here on the first day of the new year, I may as well look around.

It’s cold today.  The Capital District was blasted with a snowstorm last night.  And there were plenty of accidents on the highways from a mixture of boisterous spirits and alcoholic spirits.  The weather was so poor, Governor Nelson Rockefeller canceled the annual public reception at the Governor’s Mansion.

The Vietnam War is a major part of the day’s events; Vice-President Spiro Agnew is in Vietnam to visit with President Nguyen Van Thieu; Agnew will also visit some U.S. soldiers on his trip.

I’m going to go shopping.  Carl’s has a sale on bedsheets; $3.99 for a twin set. $4.49 for a double set.  And Grand Union will be open at 9:00 a.m., and I can purchase a whole chicken for 29¢/pound, or 33¢/pound if I want the chicken cut up, split or quartered.

Let’s see what’s playing in the cinemas.  Hey, the Scotia Art Theater is in their second week of showing The Sterile Cuckoo.  What a great film.  Liza Minelli was in that picture, and as far as I’m concerned, it was her best role up to that point – heck, I’m in 1970, Cabaret and Arthur haven’t been filmed yet.   And The Sterile Cuckoo was written by a fellow Hamilton College grad (John Nichols ’62), and the movie was filmed at my old alma mater as well.

Let’s see what’s on TV this morning.  Hey, it’s Commander Ralph and the Good Ship News, followed by an episode of Captain Kangaroo!  Cool beans! Oh wait, I forgot, it’s 1970, it’s far out, man!  And on TV tonight is a new episode of The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, starring Hope Lange and Edward Mulhare as a woman involved in a platonic relationship with a 200-year-old spectre of a sea captain.

And if I hurry, I can find a station that will show the Sugar Bowl.  I wonder if Archie Manning will take Ole Miss to a victory over Arkansas.

A scene from The Sterile Cuckoo The opening from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 1970 Sugar Bowl

I brought along my transistor radio, let’s see what I can pick up.  Wow, here’s Harry Downie on WGY, while there’s rock and roll on WSNY 1240 am, as Paul Revere plays your requests.  Oh good, here’s Boom Boom Brannigan on WPTR, while WRPI is playing hard rock music and WCDB – wait, I got that wrong, it’s listed here as WSUA – well, I can hear what they’re playing, but the station has a terrible buzzing noise.  I hope they get that fixed.  And what in the world is FLY 92 playing – wait a minute, this can’t be correct – classical “Hallmark” music?!?  Eww…

In fact, take a listen, I’ve got Mike Mitchell’s radio show on WTRY right now, click on this link! And if that’s not good enough, how about a radio clip from Ferdinand B on 1540 WPTR, by clicking on this link! And there’s a “Radio Race” over at Schenectady’s 1240 AM station, by clicking on this link!

Man, I need a car. No Saturns available in 1970, and the Pontiac 6000 won’t be built for at least another decade. Let’s see what the local dealerships are offering.  Maybe there’s a sale at Bumstead Chevrolet or Ted Pepper Chrysler-Plymouth.

I could get a swank Dodge Charger Or this awesome AMC Javelin This Pontiac GTO Humbler looks cool

Jeez, I should go find myself.  I’d be six years old.  I probably wouldn’t believe myself if future-Chuck met past-Chuck.  Isn’t that some sort of time-space continuum violation?  Probably is.

But really… did the Times Union really have a blog portal in 1970?

Or, more importantly – has Chuck Miller actually perfected project Quantum Leap?  Has he gotten the WABAC machine from Mr. Peabody?  Is he flying through time and space in a modified British police telephone booth?

Well, to be honest… Yes, yes I have.

See, this blog post is an experiment.  An experiment in TU blog portal time traveling.  A weblog Easter egg, if you will, for those with keen detective skills.

But wait a minute – if I’m trapped in 1970, shouldn’t I be able to alter the timestream to change the current timeline?  You know, step on a butterfly in 1970 and we’re looking at President Jerry Jennings and Mayor  Glenn Slingerland?

Now let’s be serious for a sec.

How many of you loyal readers actually know I’m doing this?  Sure, I can write a blog post and date it for 1970, but because the TU software only shows the most recent blog post – i.e., the one that’s written to appear “today” – you may never see this 1970 post, unless you click on the “archive year” on the side of my blog.

So as far as I’m concerned, we’re in a very special part of the Internet – a hidden blog section accessible to only you and me.  Oh, I’m sure others will try to exploit this little digital loophole, but I was the first one to find it.  Nyah nyah nyah.

So why does the Internet blogging time machine start on January 1, 1970?

I checked with my Street Academy trivia teammate Jeremy McNamara for this question, and he explained that January 1, 1970 is actually day one of Unix time.  In fact, on January 19, 2038, there will actually be a 32-bit overflow and the Unix time stamp will cease to work.  Hopefully they’ll get it fixed before then, or blogging is gonna be a nightmare.

And if you check my blog archive link on the right side of my blog page, you can see that I’ve traveled back to 1981 and 1982 as well.  Swank.

So what am I going to do in January 1, 1970?

I don’t rightly know.  But I do know one thing…

Time traveling in my blog is going to be a lot of fun.

NOTE: 1970 radio airchecks courtesy of Northeastairchecks.com.