Photo Essay: The 2006-07 Albany Patroons

I honestly thought these photos were lost forever.

About a year ago, one of my storage devices suffered a hard drive failure – it came down with the despicable “click of death.” That’s when the read head inside your hard drive just bounces back and forth like a windshield wiper, and your data is irretrievable. Lost in that data crash were all my photos from the 2006-07 Albany Patroons – the season in which the Pats put together a decent winning record and reached the CBA finals for the first time since their return to the league – and the first time back to the mountaintop in 20 years.

This was the time when Jamario Moon shined like a beacon, as he earned the CBA’s Defensive Player of the Year (and, in essence, became the last true CBA player to make an NBA roster before the CBA went belly-up after the 2009 season). This was the time when the Patroons had scoring threats like TJ Thompson and Kareem Reid and Marvin Phillips. The Pats had defensive powerhouses like Carl Mitchell and Reggie Jessie. The Pats had the big man in John Strickland, and the veteran in Felipe Lopez. And Micheal Ray Richardson was our head coach.

It was crazy, it was fun, you never knew what to expect.

Surprisingly, I found these photos on an auxiliary hard drive, stored away as a backup to the photos that were put on the Patroons’ old website. Those website photos are now long gone, but luckily I was able to find these classic photos.

Have a look. I hope they bring back lots of memories for you Pats fans.