Four trivia victories down… four trivia victories left to go

Back about a dozen years or so, the once-powerful trivia team known as Lynch’s Mob rattled off an impressive eight straight victories at the old Hooters in Crossgates.  Eight straight victories.  Think about this for a second.  They took eight consecutive wins over a span of two months.  That’s a lot of chicken wings, beer and fixin’s for a team to devour – but then again, Lynch’s Mob is a two-time Trivia Bowl championship team.  It’s the same as hitting a home run in eight consecutive games (Don Mattingly did it, so did Ken Griffey Jr. and Dale Long).

And I’m about four weeks away from tying that winning record.

To explain what’s going on, I should let you know that I’m really not a fan of playing trivia at Side Door Cafe in Guilderland on Thursday nights.  The prize there is rather chintzy – the winning team receives a one-topping 10″ pizza – which they actually have to return next Thursday to eat it), and the place operates on a “cash only” basis (they do have an ATM should you suddenly discover you’re in a bar and grille with a “cash only” policy).

So four weeks ago, I went in there to play trivia – it was just past Fourth of July weekend, so my Monday game at Brown’s Brewing was canceled for the holiday weekend, and I needed a trivia break.  There were a few teams at Side Door that I remember from previous trivia events – Village Idiots and I once had a common teammate in Rich Mahady (God rest his soul).  I remember playing against Joe Rude from the days when we played Tuesday night trivia at Hooters in Crossgates.

Baker was hosting that Thursday night, and that evening I ran the table and took the win.  Nothing new there.  The questions were in my wheelhouse, I just had a good run.  Of course, this meant I had to come back the next week to get my free pizza.  I couldn’t claim it that evening.  I asked if there was any sort of ticket or chip that I would receive to alert the waitress on staff next week.

The dark-haired waitress said, “Don’t worry, I’ll remember you.”

That can be taken many ways… and not all good.

So I returned.  Sure enough, she remembered me, and I got my one-topping pizza (ground beef, in case you’re wondering).  And, in playing trivia for another week, I took another victory.  Essentially it was a “twice the value” win, in that I was so far ahead of the other teams, the second place team could have bet their entire pot and would not have caught up to me had I bet zero.  Guaranteed pizza.  Second consecutive win.

I came back for my free pizza pie (ground beef again) and sat down for another round of trivia.  And I ended up winning a third time.  This third win actually ties my personal best; I took three wins in a row at Old Chicago years ago.

I came back Thursday night, got my third free pizza pie (this time with sausage) and went up against six other teams.  Because I nailed the quadruple bonus question (the last four teams to ruin the Yankees’ postseason – Cleveland, Detroit, Anaheim, Boston), I leaped out to another dominating lead, and eventually a big win.  Fourth consecutive victory, fourth free pizza.

Okay, now you’re probably scratching your head and saying, “Geez Chuck, we know you’re good at trivia, but do you have to use your blog to gloat about it all day and night?”

Well… here’s the thing.

After I won for the third week, Baker – who was hosting – said to me, “You know, Chuck, when Lynch’s Mob won those eight weeks in a row, it was at Hooters with 30 trivia teams trying to beat them.  And that was the only trivia game in town.  You should think about that.  You might get to eight wins, but it’s not against the same level of competition.”

Well, no disrespect meant to Village Idiots or Joe Rude or any of the other teams out there.  But to be totally honest, I’m sending this blog post out to any trivia team in the Capital District.  You do NOT want me to win four more weeks in a row.  You do not want me to tie Lynch’s Mob’s record – or, God forbid – surpass it.

So this is a call to all the trivia teams I’ve played against.  I know you’re out there.  I know you read this blog.  Woo Hoo a Go Go.  Boats and Hose.  A Few Cards Short of a Deck.  Big Red Machine.  Da Bears.  Tres Hombres.  Blue Mooned.  All of y’all.  You need to free up your Thursday nights and come to Side Door Cafe – if for no other reason than to prevent me from getting that record.

Because to be totally honest, I’m going to keep doing Thursday night trivia at Side Door until I stop winning.  Then I won’t have to keep coming back for the free pizza pie.

And this isn’t limited to established trivia teams.  Anybody else out there want to get in on this?  This is your chance.  Get your friends together – the smart ones, mind you, not the ones who think Times-Union is when two wristwatches get soldered together – and get to Side Door.  They host trivia on Thursday nights, first question is at 730pm.  They have New York Lottery and OTB access, so if you start losing in trivia, you can always lose on the ponies, or just make a donation to the David Paterson Discretionary Fund.

How ’bout it?  All it takes is one win to keep me from tying – or breaking – that record.  Step up to the plate.  And let’s rock.