Ten cover versions of Beatles Songs

Thought you’d appreciate, for the start of the week, hearing how other artists interpreted Beatles classics. Some of them are pretty spot-on, some of them are head-scratching confusing.

So, in no particular order, here are ten re-interpretations of Beatles hits – some of them were hits in their own right.

Got to Get You Into My Life

The Stitch in Tyme were a Toronto-based rock group, they were in the studio putting together some tracks and, at the last minute, decided to cover this Beatles hit from the Revolver album. They added a little psychedelia to the end of the track, and it became a Top 10 hit in Canada.

Eleanor Rigby

This Australian rock band’s lineup included a before-he-was-famous Rick Springfield, and had monster hits Down Under. This was their biggest hit. This was of course before Rick wished he had Jessie’s Girl.

Come Together

Did you know that Aerosmith appeared in the mega-flop jukebox musical “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” as the F.V.B. (Future Villain Band)? Or that they covered this Beatles classic for the film? Meanwhile, Liv Tyler is laughing in that her Lord of the Rings films made more money in two days than the film her daddy was in has made in 30 years…

From Me To You

How’s this for an interesting fact – Del Shannon is touring England, and he gets his hands on this record by the then-unknown Beatles. He covers the song and has a minor hit in America with it – a few weeks before the Beatles’ version comes out!

Across the Universe
This was created as a tie-in with the motion picture Pleasantville, in which two teenagers enter a black-and-white sitcom world and slowly turn the world into color. By the way, whatever happened to this Fiona Apple girl? I seem to recall her making some statement at an awards show… and then poof..
Real Love
This was one of those “Threetles” songs – in which the three surviving Beatles added their vocals and instruments to John Lennon’s old demo tapes. Regina Spektor had a few hits a few years ago, and this should have been one of them.
The Long and Winding Road

Ray Charles could sing the Manhattan telephone directory and it would sound spectacular. Just as he did when he re-interpreted this Beatles classic.

We Can Work It Out
Another classic performance by Stevie Wonder. I knew these Beatles songs had some Motown built into them one way or the other.
Yes, it actually happened – the king of rock and roll recorded a Fab Four song as part of his Hawaii satellite concert. This video is from the rehearsal. Awesome.
Come Together
I don’t think Michael Jackson could out-swagger Steven Tyler… but he sure makes a great effort of it, in this clip from Michael’s “Moonwalker” video.

Yeah, I know I left off some of your favorites. This is a ten-list, not a 47-list. Feel free to add to the list – what are some of your favorite interpretations of Beatles hits, let me know – whether they’re reverent or offbeat, post away!