Mockingbird Marathon Pictures

What a great event last Saturday at the Stuyvesant Plaza Book House.  The “Mockingbird Marathon: To Kill A Saturday” event started at 9:00 a.m., and continued until the final page was read at about 9:30 p.m.

And take a look at all the luminaries who read for the event!

The full list is below.

  • Mary Darcy (All Over Albany)
  • Devon Poniatowski
  • Holly Cargill-Cramer
  • Missa Bergin
  • J. Eric Smith (
  • Greg Floyd (WRGB)
  • Kaitlin Ressler (AOA, All This Happiness)
  • Maeve McEneny
  • Laura Glazer (Hello Pretty City, WEXT)
  • David Guistina (WAMC)
  • Jenn Balak
  • Jack McEneny (State Assemblyman, Albany Historian)
  • Benita Zahn (WNYT)
  • Erik Dollman
  • Ed Lass
  • Elaine Houston (WNYT)
  • Kim Dunham
  • Mary Alice Molgard (The College of Saint Rose)
  • Roger Green (Times Union blogger)
  • James Cronen
  • Bob Bownes
  • Bridget McGivern
  • Megan Gailbraith
  • John Gallogly (MANville Co-Host; Voice Actor)
  • Members of Hellions of Troy Roller Derby
  • Steve Ammerman (WTEN)
  • Lydia Kulbida (WTEN)
  • Aaron Holbritter (Stage Actor)
  • Katherine Stephens
  • Chris Rooney (WNYT)
  • David Marcil (Actor)
  • Ron Marz (Comics Scribe)
  • Matthew Dow Smith
  • Chuck Miller (Times Union blogger)
  • Kevin Marshall (TU blogger, MANVille co-host, soon-to-be-big-muckety-muck with the UFC)

A tremendous round of applause to everyone who took time out of their weekend to come in and help read for a charitable cause.  And a special thanks and a tippo de hat to Kevin Marshall and Mary Darcy for organizing this event.

Oh yeah… pictures…

Here’s the slide show!