All I can say about Tron: Legacy is…

You have to see this film.

If you’ve seen the 1982 original TRON, you need to see this film.

Even if you’ve never seen the original film, you need to see this one.

And that’s exactly what happened for me – Wednesday night.  Thanks to one of my blog readers and trivia opponents (Jeff – he plays on a trivia team at Elbo Room called Get That Poison Out), he was able to score some advance tickets for Tron: Legacy at Crossgates.  These are the same advance tickets that radio stations give out, you know, be caller #5 and receive a movie pass to an advance screening…

Thanks, Jeff.  You get one answer to any question at Elbo Room – during the regular qualifying part of the  tournament.

I was allowed to bring two friends with me. Arrangements were made, and a couple of people joined me at the screening, arriving  just as the line of ticketholders started entering the theater.

Without spoiling anything for those who haven’t seen the film yet, let me say this.

It was worth the wait.  The special effects are spectacular – especially the one that allows Jeff Bridges to play a present-day Kevin Flynn, and his doppleganger computer program CLU – especially when CLU has the facial features of a young Jeff Bridges.  The 3D in the film was absolutely breathtaking, and the action scenes – while some of the fighting did border on Matrix territory, many of the digital creations and battles were awe-inspiring.

Side note – the three of us sat in the middle of the theater, about five rows up from the floor.  Behind us were a row of taped-off seats for special guests.  I found out a few minutes later that the special guests include the kid who does the “Lights, Camera, Jackson” movie reviews on YNN.  Nice kid.  Of course, he and some of his family members and guests were discussing the original TRON movie, and the topic came up about who the female actress was in that film, they couldn’t remember her name, or what other film she was in.

I turned around.  “Hi there,” I said.  “I love your reviews on YNN, it’s Cindy Morgan, and she was also in Caddyshack.”

Sorry… it’s just the trivia champion in me.

Besides, as far as I was concerned, it was a great opportunity to go out on a weeknight and have a fun time with friends.  And watching a great film helps as well.

Oh, and the one thing I wanted in the film among all else – at least one reference to the original Wendy Carlos soundtrack (although the Daft Punk soundtrack was definitely appropriate and enjoyable for the new film), I did get a quick couple of notes at the beginning of the film – in a scene where Kevin Flynn tells a bedtime story to his young son Sam, Sam sings a few notes from the original Tron fanfare.

Okay, it wasn’t a complete orchestral soundtrack, but at least it was an acknowledgment.

So anyways, go see this film.  See it in 3D, see it in 2D, I don’t care if you see it in 44D.  You will enjoy this picture.

I just hope that if there’s another sequel, that I don’t have to wait until the year 2038 for it.