The PBL Basketball Dance Teams…

I enjoy working with the Premier Basketball League. There’s a lot of great talent and supportive fans throughout the league.

And there’s one other important factor with the PBL.

They’ve got some seriously hot dance squads.

Now, understand something. I’m partial to my favorite dance team of all time, the Albany Patroons’ fabulous Emeralds squad (2005-08 version, I have no use for the 2008-09 girls). But since the Patroons aren’t around any more, let me show you some of the dance squads from the past three seasons of the PBL – as the league begins its fourth year of operation.

The Weather Girls

And here’s the forecast – it’s going to be hot tonight. With a chance of being hotter as the evening progresses.

Saint John Mill Rats Dancers

I suspect that these girls could whistle at the construction workers that walk by.

Rochester Lady Sharks

I don’t know about you, but I want to go for a swim…

Buffalo Stampede Dancers

The Stampede played in the PBL for two seasons, from 2008 to 2010; the dance team was part of their first season. I think the dance team had more wins than the Stampede team… I’m just sayin’…

Maryland GreenHawks Dancers

The Maryland GreenHawks played one season in the PBL (the 2009-10 season), and the dance squad was one of the team’s few highlights.

Now hopefully, as soon as we get some more video footage, we’ll be able to add video clips of other dance teams. But for now…