Rest in peace, Jim Fisk…

So much of our childhood disappears over time.  The friends we made in our young years have shaped our future… but those friendships have become bittersweet memories as time goes by.

And today, we lost another one.

Rest in peace, Jim Fisk.  Fisk was the host of WRGB’s “Breadtime Stories,” a 15-minute children’s program that was also known more familiarly as “The Freddie Freihofer Show.”  Fisk would step out of the Freihofer’s bakery truck, and he would tell stories about the latest adventures of the plucky rabbit Freddie Freihofer.  He would ask kids to draw a “squiggle” on a piece of paper, and he would take that squiggle and turn it into a stylized artwork.  How many kids today still have their “squiggle” drawings tucked away in a special location?

Rest in peace, Jim Fisk. Your contribution to local broadcast television, as well as to every budding artist who spent a birthday at the WRGB studios on the Freddie Freihofer show, will never be forgotten.

Sing it with me, kids…

Freddie, we’re ready, we’re waiting for you
Freddie, we love everything that you do
We love your breads, your cakes and your pies
We love the way you roll those funny bunny eyes.

Freddie Freihofer, we think you’re swell
Freddie, we love all the stories you tell
We love your cookies, your breads and your cakes
We love everything Freddie Freihofer bakes.