“Mommy, why is that man with a camera laying on the ground next to the tulips?”

So over the weekend, some friends and I decided to visit Tulipfest.  I packed my Nikon F100 film camera and a roll of Fuji 200, just to see what kind of pictures would come out with film.  In other words, Chuck went old school.

I did, however, put my favorite fisheye lens, my Kiev MIR-20H, on the F100.  I really like this Russian lens, I’ve gotten some magnificent shots with it.

Let’s Go, Cardachrome – next stop, Washington Park.

The Fest on Saturday was its usual Fest – vendors, sunny day, more vendors, flowers, vendors – oh, did I mention that there were vendors there?

Anyways, my friends and I went over to photograph the beautiful display of tulips at the park.

And – right then and there – I got an idea.

I had been shooting pictures above the tulips and along the tulip bulbs.  Last year, I even shot from a lower perspective, close to the ground.

That was last year.

This year, I thought to myself – how low could I go?

And with the fisheye lens on the camera, what kind of perspective could I pull out – by shooting from the ground?

So that’s exactly what I did.  I got this photo gallery…

From the ground.


Saturday’s pictures were taken with Fuji 200 Superia 35mm film.  Sunday’s shots were taken with Kodak 200 Gold 35mm film.

And when I say I took those pics “from the ground…”

I mean it.

No, I'm not taking a dirt nap.

Oh, the things I do for photography.