Bottle Service: The Series trailer is out now!

Last winter, I worked for a few days on Bottle Service, the upcoming web series about life in an upscale New York City nightclub.  I had a great time, made several friends and contacts, and even got in a couple of scenes in the web series.  Whether or not I end up on the cutting room floor, I don’t know… but we shall see.

Anyhow, I just heard from Kevin Craig West, the creator of Bottle Service.  There’s a new teaser trailer online for the show, and the teaser really looks swank.

In fact, here’s the teaser for you to enjoy, courtesy of Kevin Craig West and MoBetta Films.

Now that’s something worth watching.  I cannot wait for this show to debut, whether it’s as an online web series or – just maybe – on a cable broadcast network.  We shall see.

For more information on the upcoming Bottle Service series, visit their page on Facebook.