What Cheryl Bremble did was beyond reprehensible

What Cheryl Bremble did was absolutely horrible.  Disgusting.  And shameful. And for all of you who have taken Anthony Weiner to task for his transgressions, I hope you give this worthless excuse for a woman the same vitriol in spades.

This 40-year-old Philadelphia special education teacher has been arrested for sending several explicit text messages to one of her female students.  The report, as chronicled by phillyburbs.com, notes that Bremble discussed bisexuality with her student, told the young girl that she was “hot,” and even purchased a vibrator for the young girl and gave it to her – on school property, during school hours – and told the young girl to use the device during telephone text conversations.  After the girl told her parents about what had happened, and the numerous sexting and inappropriate comments the girl received, Bremble was arrested on charges of endangering the welfare of a minor, corrupting a minor, and other related acts.

This poor girl was taken advantage of by a person in a position of authority.  A teacher.  Someone hired and employed by a school district to educate students.  And apparently this young girl was a special needs student, making her extremely vulnerable to something like this.

And honestly, as far as I’m concerned, this is worse than some senator taking a picture of his junk and tweeting it to other women.  This is a teacher, for crying out loud.  With a girl who is not even of the legal age of consent.

I don’t care what kind of a mental state Cheryl Bremble was in.  There’s a report that she was recently divorced.  I don’t care.  There are some lines you NEVER cross.  And one of those lines is to have that kind of inappropriate contact – which included sexting and purchasing a vibrator as a gift – in the first place.

And don’t give me any excuses for this.  Because there is none.   This isn’t some fantasy reinterpretation of Summer of ’42, this isn’t a wink-wink Mary Kay LeTourneau story, this isn’t some snickering version of Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher.”

This is abuse, pure and simple.