Remembering Frontier Town

Once upon a time, the Adirondacks were filled from one end of Route 9 to the other with amusement parks. Most of them have faded away, others have evolved under the aegis of new ownerships.  You might remember some of those classic nams – the Land of Makebelieve, 1000 Animals, Gaslight Village…

In the past, I’ve written about my memories of what was once called Storytown, now known as the Great Escape.  In today’s blog post, I want to bring you some memories of Frontier Town.

One of the best resources for history of Frontier Town is Steve Gross’ website.  In this site, he talks about how the park first opened in 1952, and that for the next 40 years the park was owned and operated by Art Bensen and his associates.  The park was sold in 1983, and it continued to operate under new management until at least 1998.

These are some YouTube clips of memories of Frontier Town; some of them also appear on the website.

These are the memories that we hold dear.  Memories of cowboys and Indians, rodeos and roundups.

Sadly, this next batch of videos shows what happened to the park in later years. This set of clips, posted to YouTube from 2008 to as recently as last week, show a group of urban explorers as they enter the property and chronicle the decay and collapse of a once-proud theme park.

Sadly, I have no memories of ever visiting Frontier Town – my family always went to Storytown or Gaslight Village.  I think one time we did Santa’s Workshop, and maybe 1000 Animals up in Lake Placid.  But we never visited Frontier Town, at least not that I can recall.

But I’m sure many of you blog readers either went there at one time in your life.  And if you have memories of Frontier Town back in the day, please post them here, or on Steve Gross’ website.

And hopefully those memories are of great times and great adventures – and not of the remnants of a once-vibrant amusement park, now just a shell of rotting buildings off a forgotten Northway exit.