Oklahoma church pays tribute to the TRON movie series

Greetings, programs.

In the original 1982 motion picture TRON, there is an underlying subplot about the computer programs treating the computer “users” as God-like creators. This was also explored in the 2010 movie TRON: Legacy, albeit at a much more subtle level.

Well, an Oklahoma church has converted its lobby, as part of a church series called “At The Movies,” into a replica of the imagery and settings in the TRON: Legacy film.

I kid you not.

The NewsOK website, powered by the newspaper The Oklahoman, tells the story of how a church in Warr Acres, Oklahoma – about 20 miles west of Oklahoma City – has participated in a series called “At The Movies,” which mixes popular films with Scripture – all in an attempt to get more parishoners to attend weekend services.  The church is part of LifeChurch.tv, a nationwide network of 16 houses of worship, including one in Albany.   The “At The Movies” series, in which a video clip is archived here, hopes to increase attendance during the summer months, in which the word of the Lord must compete with the works of the Lord’s creations – beautiful sunshiny days and the like.

I gotta tell you… as far as I’m concerned, this is pretty impressive.

Although it does make me wonder if they’ve got an Avatar-themed series set up for next year.  Who knows?