Seven Angels

Seven angels saved my life today.  They kept me from dying in a fiery car crash that never happened.  They made sure every motorist stayed on I-90 and nobody bumped into anybody.

Seven other angels helped save someone else’s life today.  They kept them from dying in that same car crash.  And we never even knew the accident could have happened.

Everybody’s seven angels are all keeping the universe together and are making sure our lives are peaceful and mundane.  They save our lives at least ten or fifteen times a day.  We don’t know their names, we don’t know their identities.

Once upon a childhood ago, I thought about what goes on up in Heaven.  What does everybody do when they cross over, when they meet St. Peter at the Gates of Heaven, when they pass through.  Those souls need something to do.

With that, I imagined that God must have a plan for all those souls – a plan that involves every one of us on this planet.  Of course, back then I thought Heaven looked something like this.  Sorry, but my best exposure to the afterlife had to be Hallmark Hall of Fame TV specials.

When we are born, God sends seven angels to watch over you at every moment.  They are seven angels that have no connection to our personal lives.  They don’t know us, they don’t know our families, heck they probably don’t even speak the same language.  One could call it heavenly conscription.

But they watch over us until it is time for a new assignment, for a replacement angel to take their place. One by one, as we grow older, a new angel – one that has recently crossed over onto the next journey – comes to watch over us.  The new angel confers with the seven angels – information from the physical and the metaphysical world is shared – and then one angel leaves, on their way to watch over a new soul.  The replacements keep the original seven angels from getting too emotionally attached to their charges.

And the biggest goal of those seven angels is to make sure – every day – that we don’t even know that they’re protecting us.

They are the ones that cause our tire to blow out – so that we don’t arrive at the intersection at the exact same time that an unaware pedestrian crosses the street.  Better a flat tire than an injured person.

They are the ones which guide our hand at the  grocery store, so that our shopping cart doesn’t bump into a little child who is examining the frosted cereals on the bottom shelf of Aisle 5.

They are the ones that guide us toward friends and guide us away from trouble.  And if we are in trouble, they provide us with the choices we must make.  We may not agree with the seven angels, but at least we have the choice to agree or disagree.

They work together – sometimes not perfectly, sometimes they argue and debate.  But eventually they coordinate.

Who are my seven angels?  I suppose I’ll never really and truly know their names or their relationships to me.  Are they friends of long ago?  Are they working on saving their seventeenth soul, or am I their first charge?  What were they during their time on Earth – were they pleasant and pious and continuing their spiritual journeys; were they hell-raisers and sinners, now working toward repentance and restitution?

Would I be presumptive in assuming that any of those seven angels were people I knew in my life?  I doubt it.  I think if I knew they were watching me, I’d miss them more.  And I’d be sad.  Best that it’s seven angels who have me as their random soul.

And what are the benefit of the seven angels in helping others?  Do they receive rewards for completing their task, an afterlife version of “Employee of the Month?”

No.  There is no benefit.  It’s just done that way.  God wants it done.  You don’t argue with God.

Why do we need seven angels?  Why not just two or three, or even only one?

Each angel has a special duty.

One angel is for your heart.

One angel is for your mind.

One angel is for your will.

One angel is for your reverence.

One angel is for your memories.

One angel is for your wisdom.

And one angel is for your peaceful balance.

No one angel can handle all those chores – but seven, working together, can accomplish everything.

And seven angels will never let you know that they exist.  To do so would violate everything.  Once you knew, you would ask a million questions and never be satisfied with any answers.

Even on a day when you don’t think anyone cares, or anyone is looking out for you…

On a day when you feel terrible and unwanted and lonely and frustrated…

There are seven angels working furiously to save your life and give you hope.

There’s always hope.  Don’t ever let despair win.

Seven angels are counting on you.

And you can always count on them.