A new Kodachrome film documentary… and you can watch it right here!

One of my favorite photographic websites is PetaPixel, it’s where I can get a ton of news about digital and film photography.

And yesterday, they provided a link to a Kodachrome film documentary – a documentary that talks about the last time, in December of 2010, that the iconic slide film could be developed. The documentary, directed by Xander Robin of the Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts, includes an interview with Grant Steinle of Dwayne’s Photo, the last developing plant in the world that could handle Kodachrome film.

KODACHROME 2010 from Xander Robin on Vimeo.

Yeah, I still wish I could play with Kodachrome, and I kinda wish someone could figure out a homebrew method of developing that magical slide film. But I am thankful that I did get to shoot with it for a year – its final year of existence – and that I now have several other films to play with in my photographic arsenal.