Yeah, these commercials will make you buy this car, won’t they?

We joke about these cars.  Oh, they were unsafe at any speed.  Oh, they were a deathtrap.  Oh, my cousin had one of those and they were embarrassed to drive it.

Well, someone must have bought these cars at some point in time – and I blame the commercials that were made for these cars.

I mean, look at these commercials.  They simply SCREAM “I’m a good car, you want to buy me right now.”

Such as … for example … the …


At one point in time, these cars were advertised as being under 2,000 pounds and under $2,000. I guess if they spent another $15 and reinforced the gas tank with a rubber outer liner, maybe – just maybe – the cars wouldn’t explode when they were rear-ended.


True story – this car might have been my first car. When I was in college, a local townie was trying to sell his Chevy Vega. The price was right, and I almost bought it – until I discovered that the car’s motor was missing. Although I understand that, with a Chevy Vega and its plastic motor, it probably melted the first time the car went over 45 miles per hour.


Yeah, there’s a reason why American Motors Corporation fell apart. The car company that brought us the Hornet and the Matador and the Javelin – also brought us this piece of junk.


If you’re ever asked a trivia question about the car Ralph Nader said was “unsafe at any speed,” he was talking about this little runabout. Nothing like trying to make a sharp turn and suddenly your car’s riding on two side wheels like you’re auditioning for a Joie Chitwood stunt show.


This thing had more chrome and sheet metal than most roadside diners. And believe it or not, the “Edsel” wasn’t just a car name – it was an entire car line, you could get an Edsel Citation or an Edsel Corsair, as well as an Edsel Bermuda wagon.


True story. My mother owned a Renault Medallion. I think that was the first car in which EVERY SINGLE PART BROKE DOWN at one time or another. That car was in the shop so many times, I could swear that it had its own dedicated repair bay.


Sing it with me. “Volare… oh no… ain’t buying it… oh no no no.”

And just because I saw this video clip today as I was writing this blog post…

And I thought it was the funniest tribute to a car I once owned and loved…