The NYADP Journal: An “Iverhill” story finds a new home!

For those of you who are fans of my Iverhill fiction series – either the baseball fantasy novel The Robins of Iverhill: A Minor League Fairytale or my holiday-themed Christmas in Iverhill series, I have some good news for you.

One of my Christmas in Iverhill stories from last year, “The Note,” has found a new home.

The organization New Yorkers for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, of which Times Union blogger David Kaczynski is the Executive Director, publishes a quarterly magazine that, according to its website, strives for diversity of thought, opinion and expression in line with its central goals of abolishing the death penalty and reducing violence. NYADP Journal is neither left nor right, religious or nonreligious, exclusively academic nor nonacademic, and welcomes submissions which encompass a spectrum of views.

A couple of months ago, while the second Christmas in Iverhill series was being published, I was contacted by the Journal’s editor, Chris Honeycutt, who loved the stories and asked if one of them could be published in the upcoming Journal.  I agreed – you know, the whole bloggers support bloggers thing and all…

And last week, I received the word that quarterly Journal has been published and is available at the NYADP website for free download.  You might remember “The Note” from last year, it features Father Aloysius from the Church of Most Precious Blood – Father Al, as you might remember, was based on Brother Aloysius from Christian Brothers Academy, as I noted in a blog post from last year.

Oh, and I should mention that the NYADP Journal contains a submission from Times Union blogger Roger Green, as his piece on “murderabilia” – items associated with or once owned by infamous people, that are now changing hands on the collectibles market – is featured in the magazine.

Much thanks and support to the NYADP and its goals and missions.  And it’s nice to see that the Iverhill stories are now reaching a new audience.