Want to see the first episode of the new TRON cartoon series? Sure you do!

While we all wait for the third installment of the TRON movie series (yes, there will be a third film), Disney has chosen to whet our appetite by debuting a brand new TRON animated series on their Disney XD cable network channel.

First off, here’s a preview of the new series, which will be called TRON: Uprising and whose storyline exists between the time period of the 1982 film TRON and the 2010 sequel TRON: Legacy.

That should whet your appetite for this series, shouldn’t it?  Let’s see… it’s got the Daft Punk soundtrack, it’s got a decent voice cast (Elijah Wood, Bruce Boxleitner, Mandy Moore, Lance Hendricksen), and the animation looks stunning – almost as if TRON: Uprising borrowed a ton of design from the old 1990’s MTV series Æon Flux.

Well, if that trailer got you kinda curious about the new series… would you like to see the first episode of the new TRON: Uprising show? I’ve got it right here. One suggestion: Try to watch this episode in full-screen mode on your computer.

Yeah. I can DEFINITELY get behind this show.

TRON: Uprising premieres in June on the Disney XD channel.