Summer Bowl III is coming

It’s the midyear championships of professional team trivia in the Capital District.

On Sunday, July 15, the weekend before the Saratoga flat track opens for its summer season, the top trivia teams tackle tough topics and try to trounce their competition in the Summer Bowl.  This year’s event, which will be held at Troy’s Recovery Room, is a standard “Trivia Nights Live” 20-question game of skill and knowledge.

Several teams have already qualified for Summer Bowl, mostly by winning tournaments at their local bars, taverns and grilles.  Other teams have received “at large” bids to enter the competition.  And then there’s my Street Academy team and the current Summer Bowl champions Tap This!, who are blessed with lifetime berths as past Summer Bowl champions.

The list of competitors so far includes the following teams:

Tap This! (current Summer Bowl champion)
Street Academy (past Summer Bowl champion)
Lynch’s Mob
Bang Biscuit
Surf Tulsa
Village Idiots
L’il Salt ‘n Lime
Origami Swans
Tres Hombres
Woo-Hoo A Go-Go
The Tuesday Nighters
Team Gretchen
A Few Cards Short Of A Deck
My Couch Pulls Out…
Seals Team Six
Team “Load”
Stop The Bus…
Stern Fans
Just The Tips
Now That’s How You Get Pinkeye
Team Fist
Remember Your Waitresses and Bartenders
The Easy Riders

There will be other teams added to this list as we get closer to Sunday afternoon.  But for now, this is the list of teams that hope to claim the Silver Shaker trophy.

Bring it on.