Downton Abbey Season 3 videos and spoilers!

All right, who wants some fresh Downton Abbey updates?

Okay, okay, not so loud… wow…  all of you want some Downton Abbey spoilers?

Granted, we aren’t even going to be able to see the new season until it premiers on PBS’ Masterpiece! anthology show in January of 2013 (and between now and then, Masterpiece! should be burning off the final six episodes of the failed reboot of Upstairs, Downstairs), but if you’re looking for some tidbits and spoilers…

I got ’em.

You want ’em?

Here they are.

In this clip, we have some dinner conversation between the daughters – predominantly Lady Mary Crawley, who is still getting married to Matthew – and Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. And trust me, there hasn’t been a step lost and the Dowager Countess’ tongue is still as sharp as ever.

And in this clip, we get to see our first glimpse of Shirley MacLaine in her role as Martha Levinson, the American mother of Cora, Countess of Grantham. Remember, it’s Cora’s American fortune that funds Downton Abbey. I have a feeling that between these two Academy Award-winning actresses, we’re due for a vicious and totally satisfying 1920’s edition of The Dozens.

As for other spoilers… I’ve dug around the Internet, vetted a few sources, and am sharing these spoilers with you here. I’m putting these in Inviso-text – simply draw your mouse over this white expanse of text between the two emoticon Tie fighters and all will be revealed.


Branson, the former chauffeur with whom Lady Sybil ran away, has returned to Downton Abbey. He will eventually have a confrontation with Matthew Crawley about whether Matthew will truly be happy with anyone else, so long as Lady Mary walks the earth. There’s also no love lost between Branson and Carson the butler, apparently Carson still refers to Branson as “that grubby little chauffeur.”

A new footman, named Alfred, will be joining the staff at Downton Abbey. I should note that Alfred is related in some way to the scheming chain-smoking lady’s maid O’Brien.

Due to what may have been an unwise investment, Downton Abbey may be out of money. And it’s possible that the loss of funds – which may or may not be part of the original dowry upon which Lord Grantham married the former Cora Levinson – could impact heavily on Lady Mary’s upcoming marriage to Matthew Crawley.

And why is the lawyer for Matthew’s previous fianceé, Lavinia Swire, contacting Matthew?

John Bates is still in jail. No idea if he’s getting sprung yet or not. Anna is still keeping faith in his innocence and prays for his release.


Okay, we’re past the spoiler alerts.

Does that whet your appetite for new episodes of Downton Abbey?

Yep… I can’t wait to see the new episodes, either.