What happened to those puppies is beyond reprehensible.

I saw this story and my heart just sank into the ground. I can’t even find the proper words for what this. Just watch the embedded video clip and try not to feel hatred and disgust for the crumb who hurt and nearly killed these three puppies.

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That has to be the most repulsive thing I’ve ever seen anyone do to a defenseless animal. I can’t even fathom any sort of rational thought behind this act.

Thankfully, the animals were rescued and are now at the Mohawk Hudson River Humane Society. They’re going to need months of physical therapy and veterinarian care. And I hope that whoever adopts these poor puppies will give them the love and care and support that the puppies’ previous owner couldn’t even be bothered to provide.

And now, I have a few words for the puppies’ previous owner, whoever he or she may be.

I hope to God that when the police find you, they throw Buster’s Law and every other animal cruelty law at you. Not only did you hurt those three little puppies, you set them up to be killed by an oncoming train. What you did was more than just animal cruelty. This was animal torture, plain and simple.

What were you going to do, wait until the 4:15 came by and hit those puppies? What were you going to do then? High-five your buddies and go find some more puppies to maim and mutilate? Was this done on some sort of bet? On some sort of ritualistic initiation?

You contemptible pile of filth. There isn’t a single justifiable reason or excuse for what you did.

I’m not asking for karma to find you.

With those three puppies… I’m asking for justice.