Albany Legends basketball: A 3-game road season!

Did you know the Albany Legends were still playing?

Okay, let’s help out a little.

The Legends were the team that replaced the Albany Patroons when the Continental Basketball Association finally died in 2009.  The Legends played their games at the Armory, in the shadow of banners from the old Patroons’ heydays.  And in 2010, the Legends took the IBL championship with a win over the Bellingham (Wash.) Slam.

The Legends then moved to CBA’s basketball court, and two years later, the Legends had a chance to pick up another championship banner, until they ran into the Kankakee County Soldiers in the IBA title game.  And yes, somewhere down the road the IBL changed to the IBA.  That wasn’t a typo.

So here we are in 2013.  Are you ready for some Legends basketball?

Well, they’re opening on the road this season, as part of the new merger between the IBA and the league I used to work for, the Premier Basketball League.  Now the PBL-IBA merged league promises to have over 20 teams playing a full schedule. And the Legends are part of that 20-team league.

The Legends’ schedule is as thus.  On Friday, May 3, the Legends face the New Jersey G-Force at the Union Dome in Union City, New Jersey.  Good seats are still available.  Then, on Thursday, May 9, the Legends will play against the Rochester Razorsharks at Blue Cross Arena in Rochester.  They will also play the Sharks at Blue Cross Arena on Friday, May 17.

And that’s it. Three games. All on the road.

That’s right, a team that advanced to the championship game twice in the past three years, and picked up a championship ring in 2010… has been reduced to barely a fill-in travel team for a three-game season.


Look, I would have never equated the Legends with Albany’s rich and deep basketball history. But come on now… You could assemble a team with guys from the YMCA rec league, give them some Legends tops, and send them out for a three-game season?

Wow, what if they happen to win those three games?  Would they make the postseason based on winning percentage?  Is the Times Union going to send their basketball beat reporter Tim Wilkin out to cover the Legends’ 2013 season?

Heck, I don’t even think the Legends give three figs – dried or fresh – about the season.  Have you checked out the team’s Wikipedia page lately?  The page reads like someone wrote a press release after pulling an all-nighter and proofread the thing with Red Bull and vodka.

All I see here is essentially a travel team wearing Albany Legends game gear.